Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC sets a high value on its reputation as a reliable partner and transparent National development institution and understands that the customers expect honest, fair and impartial performance of tasks and implementation of the public investment policy by the Bank. 

For these purposes Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC has introduced the compliance system providing control over compliance by the Bank of the national legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, internal and external rules, procedures adopted in the Bank, the main moral and ethic business principles and corporate governance system.

Key compliance functions: preventing and combating money legalization (laundering) by illegal means of terrorist financing, as well as detecting and preventing corruption; effective resolution of conflicts of interest; control over compliance by the Bank employees with the requirements of professional ethics when conducting business. Feedback between the Bank management team and customers and employees has been organized with the aim of preventing and mitigating the risks of fraudulent behavior of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC employees.

Using this feedback, you can inform the management team of inappropriate behavior of the bank employees you are aware of that is likely to damage the interests or harm the reputation of the Bank. Each report will be certainly examined. Please note that we provide anonymity of the communication, but if you leave your contact details, we will notify you of the outcome.

Thank you for help in improving our services and providing conditions where the private interests of the Bank officials and other employees, their business and other connections will not compromise the decision-making mechanism or undermine the authority of the Bank’s corporate governance system. You can send your message to the Compliance Controller using this early response form. Prior to completing the form please read the instruction. Compliance helpline: +7-7172 – 79-84-54.