The National Managing Holding Baiterek JSC is a sole shareholder of the Bank.

One of the main targets of the Fund is to improve standards and use single mechanisms of the corporate governance in companies of the Holding group.

Baiterek Holding was established pursuant to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazkahstan No. 571 dated May 22, 2013 “On measures of management system improvement of development institutes, financial organizations and national economy development” and Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 516 dated May 25, 2013 “On measures on execution of the Decree by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 571 dated May 22, 2013”. 

Mission of the Baiterek Holding is aimed at financial and investment support of non-energy sector, ensuring sustainable growth and diversification of the national economy, attraction of investment, cluster development and improvement of the corporate governance system of its subsidiaries.

Key strategic directions of activity of the the Baiterek Holding are as follows:

  • support of sustainable development of economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan by providing financial support to priority sectors of the economy;
  • support of small and medium businesses;
  • support of new and modern sectors of the economy and innovation improvement;
  • support of export activity of Kazakhstani companies;
  • assistance in solving social oriented issues of the state.

Among key decisions taken by Baiterek Holding:

  • approval of the Bank’s Charter and its amendments;
  • appointment and early termination of authorities of the Bank’s Board of Directors members;
  • approval of the annual finance statement and annual report of the Bank;
  • approval of dividends amount;
  • approval of authorized shares of the Bank.