DBK: solemn presentation of the plant "Asia Trafo" was held in Shymkent

The solemn presentation of the plant for the production of high-voltage transformers and shunt reactors "Asia Trafo" was held on April 26 in Shymkent. The ceremony was attended by members of Parliament, representatives of the National chamber of entrepreneurs "Atameken", ministries, heads of industry committees and specialized associations, as well as potential international buyers.

The event is unique; it has a significant importance in the development of the electrical industry of the country. According to representatives of the enterprise, the plant has no analogues in Central Asia – it is the only one in the region for the production of transformers with a capacity in the voltage range of 110kV - 500kV. Moreover, the equipment is made on own unique technologies. Already this year it is planned to establish the production of electric power equipment of such capacity. The products will be supplied to the markets of CIS countries, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. According to representatives of the company "Alageum Electric", the capacity of the enterprise is 120 transformers per year, while more than 500 people will be provided with work.

Construction of the plant began in 2017 as part of the state program of industrial and innovative development (SPIID). The total cost of the project amounted to about 18.9 billion tenge, funds in the amount of almost 8.7 billion tenge were provided in the form of a loan for 12 years by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK, "daughter" of the Holding "Baiterek"), a subsidiary of the development Bank, DBK-Leasing also provided financing in the amount of 5.9 billion tenge. The financing was used to purchase technological equipment from leading European manufacturers. The result today is a high-tech plant, which is located on the territory of 12 hectares in the industrial zone "Tassay" of Shymkent city. The new plant is a part of the leading Kazakhstan producer of the electrotechnical equipment "Alageum Electric".

The project is fully consistent with the principles and priorities of DBK. It has a great social and economic effect, when the project reaches the planned capacity, the enterprise is expected to pay about 2 billion tenge of tax revenues to the economy of the region and the country.

"This project is a vivid example of effective cooperation between business and the state. Thanks to the effective cooperation of the project group "Asia Trafo" with development institutions, government agencies, national companies, almost all measures of state support for the project are provided for its implementation, including investment preferences, full-scale grants, financing at a reduced rate, etc." - said during the presentation the Director of the Department of credit analysis and structuring of transactions of DBK Zhanat Ansaganova.

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Director of the Department of credit analysis and structuring of transactions of DBK Zhanat Ansaganova.

It should be noted, the new enterprise already had the first orders. The largest buyer at the moment is the Kazakhstan company for management of electric networks KEGOC. They purchase shunt reactors with a maximum voltage of 500 kV. Nevertheless, the first products of the plant are promised by company managers to be installed in Shymkent and Turkestan region.

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