DBK partners conquer "ULTTYQ ÓNIM" platform

During the last three days, the partners of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK, the subsidiary of "Baiterek" Holding), such as "Alageum Electric", "Condensate", "Talas Investment Company", "Kainar-AKB", "Molprodukt" and "Bayan-Sulu" companies acquainted the capital's public with their products at "ULTTYQ ÓNIM", the Exhibition of Kazakhstan producers. Despite the abundance of such events, which pampered the residents of Nur-Sultan city, for 5 years of its existence the "ULTTYQ ÓNIM" platform has managed to establish itself as an effective channel for the popularization of "Made in Kazakhstan" goods, contributing to increasing the level of consumer confidence and loyalty. This year, the geography of the exhibition has increased, it was attended by representatives of international development institutions and business promotion agencies from Poland, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and South Korea.

Without any doubt, the main favorites of the exhibition visitors were the food industry enterprises. From the first days of the event, their stands were attacked by crowds of citizens and guests of the capital. DBK partners in this industry – "Molprodukt" LLP and "Bayan-Sulu" JSC - were in special demand; over the years of their existence, the companies have already acquired loyal customers. Over the past year, the volume of sales of enterprises amounted to 140 850 tons and more than 50 tons, respectively. The main reasons for the "popular passion" are the quality of the product and stable pricing policy, especially given the recent increase in prices for confectionery products and increased consumption of dairy products in Kazakhstan. According to information from Energyprom.kz monitoring agency, published on May 2, candy prices in the country increased by 6.5% over the last year. At the same time, according to agency statistics, Kazakhstanis use more and more milk and dairy products - consumption volumes increased immediately by 7% over the year.



In addition to the food industry, the exhibition was also attended by manufacturing companies. This is the main hallmark of the "ULTTYQ ÓNIM" platform, which is impressive in its scope each time. The organizers of the event attract new participants, covering almost all areas of production. Thus, this year the exhibition was attended by representatives of the leading Kazakh manufacturer of electrical equipment - "Alageum Electric". In particular, they introduced the audience to the products of "Asia Trafo" - the new plant for the production of high-voltage transformers and shunt reactors, the festive presentation of which was recently held in Shymkent. Videos about the plant, the equipment of which is produced by its own unique technologies, and models of future transformers attracts special attention because the company has no analogs in Central Asia. "Asia Trafo" is the only manufacturer of transformers in the region with power in the voltage range of 110kV - 500kV. For its construction in the framework of the State Program of Industrial and Innovative Development in 2017, DBK allocated a loan in the amount of 8.7 billion tenge.


The representatives of "Kaynar-AKB", in turn, has brought to the exhibition an updated, upgraded battery, meeting international standards. According to representatives of the company, all products are fully manufactured at the plant - from the casting of parts and components to the assembly of finished products, so that the price for them is respectively lower than other analogs. At the moment, the main markets for the company's products are the CIS and CIS neighboring countries, but the company's management plans to increase exports to 3 million batteries per year. For this purpose, DBK provided support in the form of a loan in the amount of 2 billion tenge for a period of 36 months.


"Condensate" JSC, engaged in processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, informed visitors about its activities to obtain high-quality motor fuels. After the modernization of the oil refining sector of the country, this industry is quite interesting to the Kazakh audience, as the expansion of production promises to cover the deficit of motor fuel in the domestic market. Thanks to the support of DBK, the plant is able to produce high-quality fuel that meets Euro-5 standards.


Representatives of "Talas Investment Company" LLP - the plant for the production of sodium cyanide with a capacity of 15 000 tonnes a year, brought their products to the "ULTTYQ ÓNIM" exhibition, or rather a layout: otherwise, the security measures did not allow, firstly - for security reasons, secondly - because of the high cost of the product, the approximate cost of a unit of which is about one million tenge. It stands to mention that the enterprise is the first chemical industry plant in Kazakhstan that produces this type of product and is used in the gold mining industry and a number of other industries, which was an imported product until now. The share of participation of DBK in this project is more than 60%, the loan amount is 16.2 billion tenge.


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