DBK Representatives reported about the instruments of financial support

The Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK, Baiterek Holding Subsidiary), whose activities are aimed at the implementation of the state policy in the field of diversification of the country's economy and the development of infrastructure and industry in the manufacturing industry, has existed at the investment market since 2001. Over the years, the Bank has established itself as the main specialized development institution, providing timely and sufficient funding for projects in the field of industry and infrastructure. At the moment, DBK portfolio includes 64 investment projects and export operations in the amount of 5.3 trillion tenge, it occupies 48% of the market of long-term lending to non-resource sectors of the economy. However, the Bank is not satisfied with what has already been achieved. According to company's strategy, in the period from 2014 to 2023 there are going to invest about 4.4 trillion tenge in the development of manufacturing and industrial infrastructure. The DBK Senior Banker Vladimir Lee sounded this information during the conference on the sidelines of ULTTYQ ÓNIM exhibition of the Kazakhstan producers.


According to Vladimir Lee, today the full list of financial support instruments of the Bank consists of 9 directions. This is a medium and long - term crediting of investment projects, crediting of export (pre-export) operations, crediting of the ongoing activities in the framework of the investment project with the purpose of replenishment of working capital, lease financing, financing of banks in order to stimulate crediting of the economy, co-financing/syndicated financing, financing through a bonded loan, mezzanine financing, etc. Each instrument has different conditions, characteristics and funding limits. In particular, the minimum amount of investment project financing by the Development Bank is set in the amount equivalent to seven (7) billion tenge, while the minimum amount of investment project financing implemented in the field of food and beverage production is set at the amount equivalent to three (3) billion tenge, with export (pre-export) operations financing, it is set at the amount equivalent to one (1) billion tenge.


It should be noted that a distinctive feature of DBK is flexible credit conditions. For example, the property can be considered as collateral that will come in the future in accordance with the business plan or project feasibility study.

More information about the Bank's services can be found on the DBK website https://www.kdb.kz/services/

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