DBK: Kazphosphate boosts export volumes of yellow phosphorus and mineral fertilizers

The only plant in the country for the production of yellow phosphorus and its derivatives, the Novodzhambulsky Phosphorus Plant, a branch of Kazphosphate LLP, in January-August 2018 shipped over 53 thousand tons of yellow phosphorus for export. Compared to the same period last year, when 47 thousand tons of products were supplied to foreign markets, export sales volumes increased by 12.7%.

The company was able to increase supplies to foreign markets with the help of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan ("subsidiary" of Baiterek Holding). The Development Institute provided the plant with export financing under the Nurly Zhol state program.

"Development Bank has provided the company Kazphosphate "loan in the amount of KZT 7 billion for a period of five years. These funds were used to purchase raw materials and services for the implementation of the export operation. Today, the company's products are in demand in foreign markets. Basically, Kazakhstani yellow phosphorus is bought by countries of the European Union and far abroad,"-said Vladimir Li, senior banker of the Directorate for work with clients of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan.

It is worth noting that as part of financing large entrepreneurship in the manufacturing industry, Kazphosphate also received a loan in the amount of KZT 5 billion for the reconstruction of the technological system of EPA-1 in Taraz branch. As a result, the Mineral Fertilizers plant increased the output and sales of mineral fertilizers from 140 thousand tons to 300 thousand tons per year. In June of this year, Kazphosphate announced its intention to invest another KZT 8 billion in the modernization of the plant of mineral fertilizers.

“The company plans to increase the supply of ammophos to 500 thousand tons by 2020. In addition, in order to supply these products up to 1 million tons, our company at the end of this year plans to start designing a new production of ammophos at the mineral fertilizer plant,”-said Mukash Iskandirov, general director of Kazphosphate LLP.

Meanwhile, exports of ammophos from January to August of the current year "Kazphosphate" exceeded 88 thousand tons. The products of the Kazakhstani enterprise are in demand in the USA, China, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Last year, Kazphosphate began exporting fertilizer to Argentina. Work is underway to develop the markets of Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Iran.

“In the eight months of 2018, 114.6 thousand tons of ammophos was supplied to the domestic market, which is 5.7% more than the same period of 2017 –108.4 thousand tons,”-added on the company .

The plant of mineral fertilizers is engaged in the production of ammophos, simple superphosphate, sulfoammophos, feed tricalcium ­phosphate, technical sulfuric acid, etc.

Recall that the main activities of Kazphosphate LLP are geological exploration, extraction and processing of phosphate rock, production and sale of yellow phosphorus and its derivatives, phosphate mineral fertilizers and feed phosphates, industrial products based on mineral raw materials. The company was established in October 1999.

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