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"AtyrauNefteMash" of Kazakhstan produced large-scale oil and gas equipment for KPO for the first time

About a year ago, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan provided financial support to the project to expand the capacity for the production of oil equipment «AtyrauNefteMash». Today AtyrauNefteMash is the first domestic company in Kazakhstan that was able to provide production of large equipment (three-phase separator) for a subsoil user with dominant foreign participation in the capital.

«AtyrauNefteMash» has manufactured to date two installations of a three-phase separator for KarachaganakPetroleumOperatingB.V (KPO). It should be noted that earlier equipment with such technical characteristics and according to such standards was not produced in Kazakhstan.

Three-phase separators are very important equipment in a complex chain of production, preparation and processing of a hydrocarbon product. This facility allows the hydrocarbon raw material lifted to the surface to be divided into three fractions - oil, gas and water. It took a year to design and manufacture two separators «AtyrauNefteMash».

«This equipment must reliably and safely operate with environment with a high content of hydrogen sulphide, which is extremely aggressive to carbonaceous metals. Overpressure inside the separator during normal operation exceeds 60 atmospheres. In this regard, this equipment was designed and manufactured using "clad" steels, that is, outside the casing of the separator is made of carbon steel with a thickness of 70 mm, which provides it with the necessary strength, and the inner surface is made of a special alloy of 5 mm thickness, which provides confident and long-lasting resistance to hydrogen sulfide»,- said the general director of AtyrauNefteMash, Alexander Donskov.

The company notes that the separators were designed and manufactured to international standards. The design and technical support of this project was carried out by Belkamit.

«We are confident that we will be able to compete with European companies that traditionally have been suppliers of such equipment to Kazakhstan», said the representative of the ANM.

In addition, by the end of 2018, the plant intends to manufacture equipment - pressure vessels, tanks, separators, gas regulating stations, etc. - for TCO, KPGV, NCOC, GATE and other oil companies.

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