DBK: Modernization of AtyrauNefteMash LLP was successful


Thanks to the implementation of the project for the development of the plant, it was possible not only to modernize the existing production sites, but also to build new ones. So, for example, at the ceremony were presented the advanced grading and hot galvanizing shop, which has no analogues in the West Kazakhstan region. It is fully automated and equipped with European and American equipment that guarantees high quality. It is worth noting that the new workshop will allow the production of equipment from hot dip galvanized steel. Structures made of such a material have high fire safety, as they are coated with anti-corrosion protection that prevents metal burning. This allows to significantly increase the service life of the produced equipment. According to representatives of the plant, there is already a positive increase in productivity, because such changes have allowed to expand the range of products that now meet international quality standards. Quality at the factory is monitored especially closely. As part of the modernization of the enterprise, it was possible to update mechanical testing facility, as well as build a chemical laboratory from scratch.

Moreover, the stations for assembly and welding of sections have been updated, which are now equipped with high-tech Finnish equipment, allowing the production of unique products in the shortest possible time. For example, splitters with a diameter of up to 12 meters, weighing about 1,500 tons and a length of 120 meters. For comparison, if earlier it took about six months to produce such products with the involvement of 150 workers / hour, now it takes no more than 1.5 months and 20 specialists / hour.

According to the representatives of AtyrauNefteMash LLP, the launch of modernized production expands the boundaries of cooperation and opens new sales markets. Already, the company has key consumers interested in increasing production volumes - these are industrial enterprises of Atyrau, West Kazakhstan, Mangystau region, companies like TCO, NCOC, KPO, KPI and CNCEC.

AtyrauNefteMash Plant is a customer-oriented enterprise, we monitor the current market requirements and try to follow them, constantly improving the quality and efficiency of work, changing the direction of production, in a word, providing demand with supply. It is gratifying that state development institutions, such as DBK, understand the importance of our business for the economy of Kazakhstan. Thanks to our joint project, we managed to increase the level of Kazakhstan content in the manufacture of sophisticated high-quality equipment for the oil and gas industry of the Republic”,

- emphasized Alexander Donskov, the General Director of AtyrauNefteMash LLP.


The project cost amounted to 15.2 billion tenge, 9.5 billion tenge were allocated for the modernization of the plant with a loan term of 14 years. The project was funded under the State Program for Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019. Own participation of AtyrauNefteMash LLP is 5.8 billion tenge, it is noteworthy that the funds are formed from the net profit of the parent company ANACO LLP, which is an indicator of investor interest in the development of the economy of Kazakhstan. The main amount of borrowed funds was allocated for the construction of modern assembly, assembly, auxiliary, paint shops, as well as the workshop for grating and flooring, the construction of a garage, office building, chemical laboratory, as well as the updating of the testing and mechanical laboratory. However, it is important to emphasize that the training of personnel plays an important role in the full range of measures for the modernization of the enterprise, since AtyrauNefteMash LLP is a plant that is famous for its special attitude to its own team of employees. All 350 employees of the plant have a unique opportunity to improve their skills in the most comfortable conditions – there is a private school of welders, an area of 936 square meters with the necessary equipment for training and certification.

Alexander Donskov, Sagat Tugelbaev, Adil Ismagambetov

When considering projects for financing, DBK gives a special role to the social component. It is important for us how many local residents will get the opportunity to find jobs in comfortable conditions. Moreover, we always support the desire of domestic enterprises to modernize production, because the world economy does not stand still, new technologies appear that require a revision of existing production facilities, the introduction of new advanced product quality management systems, etc. We believe that today's launch of the updated AtyrauNefteMash LLP will give a positive impetus to the entire region”,

said Adil Ismagambetov,Managing Director of DBK.
To recall that AtyrauNefteMash LLP is a leader in the production of equipment for the oil and gas, petrochemical, mining and energy industries not only in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also abroad. The machine-building plant produces a wide range of products: pressure vessels, columns, reactors, heat exchangers, heating furnaces, metal structures, tanks for transportation and storage of oil products according to ASME, API, DIN, ISO, GOST standards.

The Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC is the national development institute for the modernization and development of the non-resource and infrastructure sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan, established in 2001. The main activities: the development of industrial infrastructure and manufacturing industry, the promotion and attraction of external and internal investment in the country's economy. DBK is one of the largest investment operators of state programs of industrial and innovative development. DBK is a part of Baiterek National Management Holding JSC.

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