Karaganda Ferroalloy Plant YDD Corporation LLP continues to increase its production rates

DBK’s Partners confidently overcome the current turbulence in the metallurgy market. Despite the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, which dramatically changed industrial companies' work, the Karaganda Ferroalloy Plant YDD Corporation LLP continues to increase its production rates.

The major product of the Karaganda Ferroalloy Plant is high-quality ferrosilicon (FeSi75), which is used in the production and alloying of steel, as well as cast iron alloys. At the same time, the product is widely used in the improvement of the mechanical and corrosion resistance of metals. 


As part of the construction, the latest world technologies have been applied.  It worth mentioning that the production process is fully automated. The whole process, starting from the storage of raw materials, transportation, and batching of charge materials to finished product, is fully accompanied by specially designed computer programs.

 The company meets all the parameters of the Industry 4.0 Program for technological modernization of the economy and digitalization of the industry of Kazakhstan.

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Great attention is paid to the environmental component of the project. The company is one of the most environmentally friendly enterprises in the world.  The practical gas purification system installed at the plant has no analogs in the world and provides a high degree of air purification, up to 99.8%.

“An important aspect, especially at the present time, is that the share of Kazakhstan’s content in finished products is 100%.  Having signed long-term contracts,  domestic enterprises supply all the raw materials for the enterprise. We are doing everything possible to ensure uninterrupted supply of products, and pay high attention to the safety of our employees.” - said Yerlan Nigmatulin, the shareholder of the Karaganda Ferroalloy Plant YDD Corporation LLP.


Despite the current opening of the plant which took place only in July 2019, we already managed to enter the world markets by exporting high-quality products. In a short time, the company reached the TOP-5 of the world's largest producers of ferrosilicon.

 “Today, we carefully monitor the supply chain, each time increasing the geography of export of finished products.  In fact, our practical products are 100% export-oriented and meet the highest international quality requirements. Our products are exported Japan, South Korea, Turkey, the USA, European countries, the UAE, Colombia, Israel, etc.”  - said David Kemertelidze, the shareholder of the company.


Additionally, YDD Corporation LLP allocated 100 mln tenge to fight with the coronavirus in Kazakhstan. The company's labor team also transferred one-day earnings to the regional public fund of the Karaganda region to support government actions in a state of emergency.

We are pleased that our Partners are incorporating social responsibility and taking an active part in resolving a difficult situation in Kazakhstan. 

The cost of the project amounted to 36.5 bln tenge, 24.1 bln tenge were provided as a loan for a period of 11 years by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan. The plant provides more than 500 permanent job positions for Kazakhstan’s citizens. 

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