Growth points during the crisis: how does Kazphosphate increase product exports?

Leader of the Kazakh industry Kazphosphate LLP strengthens its position in the world market for phosphorus-containing products. At the end of 8 months of 2020, the company's production volume amounted to 152.3 billion tenge, which is 5.4% more than in 2019.The share of exports for the same period amounted to 89%, and by the results of the full year, exports are projected to reach 91%.



The company's products are exported to 26 countries of the world and are widely used in various fields: yellow phosphorus and its processed products are used in the production of plant protection products, insecticides, fire extinguishing agents, plasticizers, metal surfaces and semiconductors. In addition, the products are used in food additives (phosphoric acid salts), detergents and personal hygiene products, fertilizers in agriculture, feed phosphates in livestock and poultry farming.

The company's success depends on a qualified team that creates compelling motivation for employees and their activities. Today 6,172 people work at the enterprises of Kazphosphate LLP, headed by a professional Iskandirov Mukash Zulkarnaevich.

According to him, employees of the enterprise, regardless of their position, must understand that the fate of the enterprise depends on their work.


“Our workforce is of great value. The viability of enterprises, especially in times of crisis, depends to a large extent on healthy relationships between management and workers, based on respect for workers' rights. The company's responsibility to society includes not only successful production activities, ensuring decent working conditions, but also taking care of employees and their families, interaction with the population of the region. Therefore, it is important for us to prevent industrial injuries and identify hazards and risks at workplaces, as well as ensure a decent standard of living for our employees, and contribute to the socio-economic development of the Zhambyl region” - emphasizes Mukash Iskandirov.


The company largely managed to maintain the pace of work and export volumes during the crisis thanks to government support measures.

Kazphosphate, as an exporter of finished products, receives state support through the provision of loans in national currency and subsidies of interest. For example, # Development Bank of Kazakhstan, within the framework of the exporter support program, in 2015 opened a credit line for the purchase of raw materials, materials and services for pre-export operations in tenge.

"The amount we received is quite satisfying, and we hope for further cooperation with DBK. I must note that the very existence of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan stimulates the development of the economy of our country," Mukash Iskandirov noted.


This is not the first cooperation for the company with DBK, earlier the Bank allocated 5 billion tenge, within the framework of interbank lending, for the reconstruction of the workshop for the production of extraction phosphoric acid, which made it possible to double the production and sales of phosphoric fertilizers. At this time, the production capacity is up to 500 thousand tons per year.

“For five years now, a reliable partnership has been established between the Development Bank of Kazakhstan and Kazphosphate. The Bank is the operator of the Nurly Zhol state program and, within its mandate, supports domestic exporters, in particular, Kazphosphate LLP. To date, a revolving credit line has been opened for Kazphosphate in the amount of 7 billion tenge, the purpose of financing is to purchase raw materials for further production of finished products for export” - added Madina Baimen, banker of the DBK Client Relations Department.


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