DBK presented financial instruments for the agricultural industry

Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (a subsidiary of Baiterek NMH, hereinafter DBK, the Bank) took part in a webinar on attracting financing and arrangements to subsidize projects in the agro-industrial sector, organized by the AIFC. During the webinar, Asel Shitenova, Senior Banker of the Directorate for customer relationship of DBK, presented the whole range of credit instruments of the Bank, which could be used by potential clients of the Bank in the agricultural sector.

The Development Bank finances large projects in the manufacturing industry and industrial infrastructure, while provision of credit to facilities in the field of food production is one of the Bank's priorities.

Historically, the Development Bank financed and successfully implemented projects in the food industry and the agro-industrial complex - construction of a plant for deep processing of corn into starch syrup, expansion and modernization of beverage production, creation of grain processing facilities, construction of a plant for processing oilseeds, construction of a meat processing plant for the production of high-quality meat products, organization and development of production of poultry products and others.

The senior banker spoke about the financing of agro-industrial complex projects on the example of an investment project of “Makinsk poultry farm” LLP for the construction of a broiler poultry farm for 60 thousand tons. The poultry farm specializing in the production of chilled and frozen poultry meat under the “Kus&Vkus” brand, thanks to the Bank's support, provides uninterrupted supplies of poultry meat to the regions of Kazakhstan.


“The cost of projects for the construction of two stages of the factory is 51.57 billion tenge, the cost of the loan is 30.47 billion tenge. The security structure is represented by movable and immovable property and property coming in the future. The projects are fully financed, put into operation and the manufactured products are sold in the market of Kazakhstan,” Asel Shitenova added to the above.


Today the Bank offers medium and long-term financing of investment projects and working capital within the framework of projects; export and pre-export financing; leasing and interbank lending; equity financing. DBK, as a specialized state institution for financing the most important projects in the manufacturing sector, participates in the implementation of state programs for industrial and innovative development, under the Nurly Zhol program.

The minimum loan amount in DBK is set at 7 billion tenge, however, for projects implemented in the field of food and beverage production, the loan amount is from 3 billion tenge for up to 20 years.

It should be noted that with co-financing or a syndicated loan, the Bank lends no more than 50% of the borrowed capital and the minimum amount for projects implemented in the field of food and beverage production is from 1 billion tenge for a loan term of 5 to 20 years. The maximum participation of the Bank in project financing is no more than 80% of the estimated cost of the investment project.

As for export and pre-export financing, the Bank's minimum loan amount is 1 billion tenge. Also, through its subsidiary, the Industrial Development Fund, the Bank provides leasing services from 500 million tenge for a period of 3 to 20 years.

Today DBK is considering potential investment projects from the agro-industrial complex at different stages. If you are interested in the Bank's services or have any questions, please contact us at the following link: https://www.kdb.kz/contacts/.

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