Congratulatory speech of the Chairman of the Board of the Development Bank

Friends, the outgoing year 2020 has become a real test and a common tragedy for humanity. Many rightly call these 12 months the worst time in world history: a pandemic that claimed the lives of loved ones, a crisis that severely tested the world economy, political unrest and a life that has changed beyond recognition. Nevertheless, 2020 can be seen as a moment of rethinking, because the current challenges made us look at familiar things with a new perspective.

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Despite the difficulties of this year, the Bank managed to maintain the volume of annual project financing, this year DBK invested 506.18 billion tenge in the economy of Kazakhstan (in 2019 - 481 billion tenge). 13 new projects were approved and 9 projects were put into operation. All these projects are capital-intensive, with a high socio-economic and multiplier effect. Thanks to the projects launched, 1,900 new jobs have been created in different regions. In my opinion, in today's reality, when job cuts are taking place all over the world, this social effect is the most significant.

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Such a reboot of values is also relevant for the Development Bank of Kazakhstan: this year, the Bank has begun updating the Development Strategy, paying special attention to sustainable development and technological progress, updating financing methods, and automating a number of services provided.

On the eve of the New Year, we wholeheartedly wish each of you to leave all your problems and worries behind, to meet 2021 with a heart full of hope and happiness.

Let the New Year become truly rich in good events, successful beginnings and good actions. We wish you health, prosperity, luck and success in all your endeavors!

As a state development institution responsible for diversifying the national economy and promoting socially important infrastructure projects, we feel double responsibility for the projects we are implementing, since their successful implementation directly affects the well-being of our compatriots and the development of Kazakhstani business. That is why we believe that in the New Year 2021, DBK team, as before, will be able to keep a positive pace in project financing.

We express our gratitude to all our Partners, clients, and friends for the support that you provide to us every day!


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