A meeting of experts and coordinators of the IBC SCO took place in Dushanbe

DBK’s representatives took part in a meeting of experts and coordinators of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Interbank consortium, which took place on May 17-18 this year in Tajikistan, Dushanbe.

МБО ШОС Душанбе

The Kazakhstan Development Institute at the international event, which was also attended by the development banks of the countries of the organization, was presented by the Managing Director Botagoz Abisheva and the Director of the Department of Funding and International Cooperation Adina Berikkyzy.

Within the framework of the event, issues of expanding cooperation with financial institutions of the observer states and SCO dialogue partners, interaction with international financial institutions operating in the organization's space and in the Asian region, investment cooperation, exchange of experience and personnel training, agreeing on the timing and agenda of the next meetings of the Council were discussed.

Separately, the parties discussed a new strategy for the interbank merger, including responsible financing and the introduction of green technologies in the economies of the SCO countries, etc. The updated strategy for 2022-2026 will be adopted in the autumn of 2021 in the Republic of Tajikistan.

“Development Bank of Kazakhstan, in order to diversify its credit base, is trying to expand cooperation with existing and new partners of the IBA SCO member states. The interaction of development banks within the SCO Interbank Association, as well as work at the bilateral level, contribute to the integration and progressive development of the region, and we are confident that the existing cooperation mechanisms are a good platform for further activation of mutually beneficial work,said Botagoz Abisheva, Managing Director.


As a reminder, the IBA SCO was established on October 26, 2005 as a mechanism for financial support and maintenance of investment projects in the economic space of the organization's states.

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