The Development Bank of Kazakhstan – 20 years on the road to prosperity!

Dear colleagues, partners, and friends!

Today, on May 31, 2021, DBK celebrates its 20th anniversary.

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As a key national development institution, for the past two decades, 149 innovative projects have been launched or modernized in almost all regions of the republic, which together have created more than 30.2 thousand jobs. The products of Kazakhstani manufacturers "Made in Kazakhstan" are in great demand not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders. These are modern high-tech production facilities created with regards to environmental requirements that have made a significant contribution to the industrialization of Kazakhstan, its future and improvement of the well-being of Kazakhstanis.

Behind all these figures are our clients, who throughout this time have believed and trusted us. Dear clients and partners of the Bank, I express my gratitude for your high confidence, support and joint path that you have traveled with us! The success and performance of the Bank is our joint work, our common commitment to high goals. Without your support and faith in us, we would not have achieved significant results!

I would like to express my special gratitude to all the employees of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan!

Despite its relatively young age of 20 years, DBK has already accumulated sufficient experience in working in crisis situations, including on a global scale. Throughout this journey, we have enjoyed every minute of working together, learned from mistakes, supported each other in difficult times, shared the joy of victories and always went forward, increasing speed and development from year to year!

Today, the 20th anniversary of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan is celebrated in the year of the 30th anniversary of the formation of Sovereign Kazakhstan. Just like the country, we are entering a new stage of development, and just like Independent Kazakhstan, we see huge prospects for development. The plans and tasks of DBK are inextricably linked with the goals set by the country's leadership – to build a new structure of a diversified self-sufficient economy with an emphasis on the manufacturing industry.

Today, we are not slowing down, on the contrary, we are setting even more ambitious goals that will benefit both business, the country's economy, and our people. I am confident that the mission assigned to us will be fulfilled and the Development Bank of Kazakhstan will cope with the tasks set.

Happy anniversary to you, dear friends!

Kind regards,
Chairman of the Management Board Abay Sarkulov

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