#ThankyouDBK: Makinsk poultry farm

Our cooperation with the Development Bank of Kazakhstan began with the Makinsk Poultry Farm Project, and continues to this day. Initially, we chose this Bank because, at the heart of its philosophy, it is an institutional Bank, which is designed to support national business on a national scale. Indeed, the market conditions can be often
unacceptable for business. In our case, the Bank also chose us. DBK was ready to take the risk, and implement with us the greenfield project.
Серик Толукпаев

Due to its institutional nature, the Bank provides the best benchmarks, the best forms of work, the best examples. And thanks to its procedural nature, DBK helped us structure our projects. The Bank requirements helped us develop some of the control functions. And we are pleased with this partnership, which mutually provides for us new opportunities.

The very first meeting with the Head of DBK, at that time Bolat Zhamishev, is unforgettable for us. Bolat Zhamishev came to us at the Ust-Kamenogorsk poultry farm. We discussed the Project, and he put very correct and profound questions about competitive advantages. And I think at the moment when he received the answers, the question of the Bank's readiness was decided.

And one more interesting moment was the arrival of Bolat Zhamishev as part of a large delegation for launching our other project, AMP, which was opened by the First President, Nursultan Nazarbayev. Bolat Zhamishev was asked a question by a journalist, and I heard incidentally an answer. To the journalist’s question: “Will you finance?”, he replied: “Of course” (but that was already after that meeting). The journalist continued: “Why?”, whereat he said: “Because I buy Kus&Vkus products
myself.” That’s the story.

Макинская птицефабрика

When the Bank started financing, we launched the first stage of the Makinsk poultry farm. Together with all the Project participants we made the longest chicken barbecue in the world. More than 200 of our employees prepared 223 meters of barbecue. Accordingly, a brazier of this length was needed. The coals were not kindled until the last, well-coordinated work of the whole team was needed. This shish-kebab was even included in the Guinness Book of Records. We remember the atmosphere in which the opening took place, how everyone prepared for the event. This generally reflects our relationship with the Bank.

In general, the format of the state support for business deserves the best comments. The Bank enters into those projects, which are difficult for financing by the second-tier banks. We see many projects in the DBK’s portfolio, we see that they are from different areas of economy, and that they are truly large-scale projects. Based on this, I
believe that supporting the state programs plays a very important role.

Макинская птицефабрика

Talking of our Project, together with DBK we have already implemented the first and second stages of the Makinsk poultry farm, with the total cost of about KZT 50 billion. Now we are at the stage of launching the third stage, which will bring us to the production of 120 thousand tons of meat products per year. We already produce 60 thousand tons of meat products per year, we produce a wide range of packaged
dressing products, chilled and frozen. We produce the products for retail sale, professional channel, restaurant and hotel categories, catering.

For us, the Project in the Akmola region is one of the key ones. This is one of the largest projects in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan, more than USD 250 million will be invested in it and more than 2,000 jobs will be created. The Bulandy district and the city of Makinsk, in fact, have become the center of the meat industry in Northern Kazakhstan, while the Makinsk poultry farm is now a city-forming enterprise.

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We have interesting programs for the development of the presence region. Apart from the fact that we perform the function of a business, our role, the purpose of the Holding is to serve the people of Kazakhstan, and the mission is the sustainable development of the country through the development of rural areas. We have a fund in the Bulandy district that deals with the social, economic and environmental issues, including
large projects in education and medicine.
Talking of the sales markets, the main ones are located in Kazakhstan, because the key task of our projects is import substitution. In the medium term, we plan to export to the Siberian region of Russia, to the countries of Central Asia. And, of course, now we are thinking to open more distant markets – China, Mongolia and Vietnam.

An anniversary is always a holiday. I wish you that the Development Bank of Kazakhstan would be proud of its history, because there is always strength in history. I wish the Bank's staff to be a team of people for whom love for the country is not an empty phrase, but the inner intended purpose.

And I am sure that the sky is the limit for DBK, it will do everything possible and impossible for the prosperity of the country.
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