#ThankyouDBK: KazAzot JSC

One of the first organizations to gain support under the State Program of Industrial-Innovative Development (SPIID) was our Company, KazAzot JSC - the only enterprise in Kazakhstan for the production of ammonia and ammonium nitrate. In November 2015, we signed an Agreement with the Development Bank of Kazakhstan for financing the project “Modernization of the Plant for Manufacturing Mineral Fertilizers with an Increase in the Design Capacity for the Finished Products Output”. For these purposes, the Bank provided KZT 40.5 billion. This was a hefty sum, and in 2015 only DBK was able to provide such favorable financing conditions for us, and assisted us successfully with the implementation of an investment project.

With the support of the Bank, we were able to complete the planned modernization of the plant with an increase in the design capacity of production. In particular, we increased production up to 30 thousand tons of ammonia per day. We have also managed to build and put into operation our own gas engine generator plant, which provides KazAzot JSC with electricity and heat.

An installation for the utilization of ammonia from flash and purge gases, has been built and successfully operates at the plant. The Shagyrly-Shomyshty gas field has been developed, which provides the enterprise with its own raw materials. The implementation of the Project has also contributed to the improvement of the Company's financial performance, which has led to an increase in tax revenues to the country's budget. In 2020, KazAzot JSC has paid 5.5 times more taxes than in 2015.

Our enterprise was founded on November 11, 2005 on the basis of the chemical complex of the Caspian Mining and Metallurgical Plant. And today KazAzot JSC is an export-oriented enterprise. About 30% of our products are exported annually to the foreign markets. Over the past 5 years, we have shipped ammonium nitrate to Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the USA, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.


Thanks to the professional work of its close-knit team, DBK has become one of our strategic partners, has contributed to the achievement of the results, which we have today. On the whole, we would like to note that the state institutions and support measures play an important role in the development of the Kazakhstan’s manufacturing companies. These programs allow enterprises to increase their capacities and to expand sales markets for the finished products.

Apart from financing large business companies, DBK also practices interbank lending to the end borrowers through the commercial banks.This is also an excellent support for the Kazakhstani entrepreneurs. In particular, KazAzot JSC uses the financing services of DBK within the frames of the “DBK Ondiris” Program through the second-tier banks.


In this anniversary year we wish the Bank’s team good health and inexhaustible energy for the further growth, successful implementation of all plans and projects, confidence in the future, creativity and enthusiasm in the activities of each employee, desire to move forward, solidarity and team spirit.

Let each of your projects become the pride of the country. And let as many DBK customers as possible obtain an opportunity to realize their goals thanks to the cooperation with such a powerful financial institution as the Development Bank of Kazakhstan.
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