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Development Bank of Kazakhstan and «Amonatbonk» from Tajikistan signed a memorandum of understanding


Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (hereinafter - DBK) and the State Savings Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan «Amonatbonk» (hereinafter – «Amonatbonk») signed a memorandum of understanding. The document was signed by Botagoz Abisheva, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of DBK and Ikromi Sirodzhidin Salom, the Chairman of the Board of «Amonatbonk» on the sidelines of The XVIII meeting of the Council of the SCO Interbank Association, which is taking place these days in Uzbekistan.

The main purpose of the memorandum is to form a standard framework for cooperation between the two parties to encourage programs and projects that will promote a cooperation between the financial institutions.

The cooperation will be in several directions. In particular, DBK will consider the possibility of providing «Amonatbonk» a framed limit, according to which the Kazakh financial institution will confirm and fulfill obligations under export letters of credit within the contracts concluded between buyers and suppliers when purchasing goods and services.

In addition, DBK and «Amonatbonk» will exchange information on the potential projects that could help expand trade between Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Also, the financial institutions will have a possibility to organize the mutual visits of delegations, round tables, and seminars for the exchange of experience for a deeper understanding of the conditions of the business environment where operates each of the parties.

It should be noted the representatives of Development Bank of Kazakhstan, the China Development Bank, RSK Bank (Kyrgyzstan), India Infrastructure Finance Company LTD, Khabib Bank Limited (Pakistan), the State Development Corporation VEB.RF, the State Saving Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan «Amonatbonk», «ASB Belarusbank», the Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia, the Eurasian Development Bank and the National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of Uzbekistan are participating in the XVIII meeting of the Council of the SCO Interbank Association. The event was held on September 23 in Tashkent city, the capital of Uzbekistan.


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