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The Board of Directors of DBK adopted a new mechanism to support Kazakh exporters

On September 29, chaired by Kanat Sharlapayev, a meeting of the Board of Directors of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (hereinafter referred to as the Bank, Development Bank, DBK) was held.

Bank's Board of Directors has approved two export trade finance transactions aimed at export promotion of manufacturing products to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

These operations will increase the volume of exports of food industry enterprises, such as Qazaq Astyq Group LLP, PK Sei-Nar LLP and others.

At the meeting of the Board of Directors the issues of approving the report on the implementation of the Development Plan of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC for 2019-2023 based on the results of the second quarter of 2022 and appointing the Chairman of the Board of Bank's subsidiary - Industrial Development Fund JSC were considered. Baibazarov Nurlan Serikovich, the current Head of IDF was reelected for the position.

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