Development Bank of Kazakhstan Joint Stock Company (hereinafter – the Bank, Development Bank or DBK) has been incorporated under the:

  • Decree No.531 «On Development Bank of Kazakhstan» of the firstPresident of the RK N. Nazarbayev dated 28 December 2000;
  • RK Government Decree No. 659 «On incorporation of Development Bank of Kazakhstan Closed Joint Stock Company» dated 18 May 2001.


To promote the sustainable development of the national economy by investments into the non-resource sector of the country.


  • The Development Institute, which, in partnership with business, increases the share of competitive products with high added value, expands the range of exported goods, and creates the necessary infrastructure to ensure stable economic growth of the country.


  • enhancement and efficiency improvement of the state investment activities;
  • development of production infrastructure and manufacturing sector;
  • assistance for attracting of foreign and domestic investments to the national economy of the country.

The Bank’s principles

In its activities, the Development Bank, based on its mission and current market needs, is guided by the following principles:
  • consistency with the objectives of the state policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • implementation of projects with high socio-economic effect and high added value;
  • involvement of entrepreneurs and investors in the implementation of projects;
  • promoting the principles of sustainable development;
  • commitment to proactivity, transparency and ensuring the legitimacy of activities.


  • People are the main value. For us, personal empowerment, health and safety of employees are the top priority. We ensure a healthy and competitive work environment so that employees perform at their best.
  • Patriotism. We play our part in the development and prosperity of the country's economy. We are committed and inspired by our involvement in creating a better future.
  • Responsible conduct. We are committed to the principle of frugality, minimizing the resources used in the course of our work activities. We comply with the principles of green economy and sustainable development, considering the impact of the Bank's activities on the environment and society.
  • Innovativeness. We continuously strive to improve our processes by adopting new approaches and innovative technologies, and by taking considered risks.  Our employees are free to express their opinions, analyse other opinions and seek common solutions. We encourage thinking outside the box. We are open and willing to change.
  • Effectiveness. We do everything possible to get the best outcome. We believe there is no such thing as impossible in our work - any problem can be solved with some effort.
  As of 30.06.2023 (unaudited) As of 31.12.2022 As of 30.06.2022 (unaudited) As of 31.12.2021
Equity capital, bln tenge 787,1 614,5 519,6 556,8
Assets, bln tenge 4080,6 3942,9 3857,4 3741,8
Net profit for 6 months, bln tenge 72,3   22,1  
Net profit for the year, bln tenge   34,1   31,5
Average number of staff, units   227   217


Legislative acts