The Interbank Association within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Interbank Consortium (IBC SCO) was established in pursuance of the decision of the Council of Heads of Government of the SCO Member States on the establishment of a mechanism for the financial support and maintenance of investment projects in the economic area of the SCO member countries on October 26, 2005 (Agreement on Interbank Cooperation (Association) within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The main activities of the SCO IBC are the organization of financing of investment projects, the development of interaction with authorized financial institutions of the observer states and partners in the SCO dialogue, cooperation with the leading economic structures operating in the SCO space (the SCO Business Council, the Eurasian Development Bank), the exchange of experience and cooperation in the field of personnel training.

In May 2021 the Bank took part in the Meeting of Experts and Coordinators of the SCO IBC in Dushanbe (Republic of Tajikistan). In September 2021, in Dushanbe (Republic of Tajikistan), the Bank took part in the meeting of the SCO IBC Council within the framework of which the Strategy for the Further Development of the Interbank Association of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was signed for the medium term (2022-2026).


банк анг.png
ОАО «РСК Банк» (Кыргызская Республика)
АО Корпорация «Государственный банк развития Китая»
Государственная корпорация развития «ВЭБ.РФ»
Habib Bank Limited (Пакистан)
Государственный сберегательный банк Республики Таджикистан «Амонатбанк»
Национальный банк внешнеэкономической деятельности Республики Узбекистан
Индийская инфраструктурная финансовая компания

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