Makinsk poultry farm started commercial production of poultry meat

Makinsk poultry farm (hereinafter-MPF), located two hundred kilometers from Astana in Bulandinsky district of Akmola region, the first stage of which with a capacity of 25,000 tons of poultry meat per year was put into operation at the end of September this year, announced the commercial launch of production. The solemn ceremony of the event was held on Tuesday, December 11, during a teleconference with the participation of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

About 50% of the necessary 33.5 billion tenge of investments in the construction of the first stage of the MPF was provided by a subsidiary of the Holding "Baiterek" - "Development Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC (hereinafter - the Bank, DBK) in the form of a loan for up to 10 years in the amount of 16.1 billion tenge.

"The start of sales of products is an event no less important than the commissioning of production facilities, as it allows us to count on the viability of the project. We, as representatives of the financing party, are pleased that after the completion of the investment phase, the project came to commercial level,” - said Asel Shitenova, Senior Banker of the Client Relations Directorate of DBK.

The first batch of meat birds produced by MPF, was sent in November of the current year in the amount of 1 400 tons of meat processing enterprises in the Central, Northern and Eastern Kazakhstan. In December of this year it is planned to produce about 2 000 tonnes of products, up to 23% of the volume of which will be delivered in southern regions of the country. The main product that the factory produces is chilled broiler meat.

By the end of this year, the company will have completed the installation of packaging equipment. From January 2019, the MPF will work in fully automatic mode, resulting in the production of poultry under the brand "KusVkus" will appear in the retail trade.

In 2019, the MPF plans to reach the full design capacity of the first stage - 25,000 tons of production per year, as well as to start the construction of the second stage with a similar capacity.

As reported, the first phase of the MPF includes nine production sites, including: an incubator; four broiler houses with twelve poultry houses each; a poultry processing plant; a compost line; an auxiliary site (a workshop for the production of litter); a workshop for the production of fodder. After the commissioning of the second phase, scheduled for the second half of 2020, the MPF in terms of chicken meat production will become the largest in the Central Asia region, with a processing capacity of up to 9,000 broilers per hour. Capacity of the company after the commissioning of the second turn will allow to satisfy up to 15% of the needs of the domestic market of Kazakhstan in poultry meat (in 2017, according to the Union of poultry farmers of Kazakhstan, the consumption of chicken meat amounted to 341 000 tonnes), which in turn will reduce the share of import products to 32.6% from the current 50.4%.

Makinsk poultry farm is focused on the markets of Astana, Akmola, North Kazakhstan, Kostanay and Karaganda regions.

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