Development Bank of Kazakhstan Joint Stock Company (hereinafter – the Bank, Development Bank or DBK) has been incorporated under the:

  • Decree No.531 «On Development Bank of Kazakhstan» of the firstPresident of the RK N. Nazarbayev dated 28 December 2000
  • RK Government Decree No. 659 «On incorporation of Development Bank of Kazakhstan Closed Joint Stock Company» dated 18 May 2001.


  • To improve national prosperity by fostering the sustainable development of the non-resource economy sector and creating infrastructure that supports economic growth.


  • The Bank to be recognized as a national financial development institution with leading policies in all areas of its activity, contributing to the sustainable development of the country.

Strategic directions

  • Increasing the Bank's contribution to the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Efficient asset management
  • Sustainable development

Strategic goals

  • Financing manufacturing industry projects with high socio-economic impact, including import substitution, and export potential
  • Assistance in the infrastructural development of the country
  • Assistance in increasing the role of private sector in development of the national economy
  • Ensuring the quality of the Bank's portfolios
  • Extension of the resource base for project financing
  • Implementation of ESG principles in the Bank's activities

The Bank’s principles

In conducting its operations, the Development Bank abides by the following principles, grounded in its mission:

  • Alignment with the objectives of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s state policy
  • Implementation of projects with high socio-economic impact and high added value
  • Profitable operations
  • Client-oriented approach, transparency and objectivity in disclosing operational information.
Name of KPI Unit of measurement 2033
1. Scope of disbursement for the reporting period KZT billion 1 127
2. Revenue of the enterprises supported by the Bank for the reporting period KZT billion 5 168
3. Export revenues by enterprises supported by the Bank for the reporting period KZT billion 2 081
4.  Volume of investments in fixed assets in the AIC sector KZT billion 15
5.  Share of loan and leasing portfolios in total assets % 77
6.  Level of provisions in loan portfolio % no more than 10%
7.  ESG rating rating Base (2024) +1
8.  Degree of fulfillment of key performance indicators in digitalization % 100

  As of 30.06.2023 (unaudited) As of 31.12.2022 As of 30.06.2022 (unaudited) As of 31.12.2021
Equity capital, bln tenge 787,1 614,5 519,6 556,8
Assets, bln tenge 4080,6 3942,9 3857,4 3741,8
Net profit for 6 months, bln tenge 72,3   22,1  
Net profit for the year, bln tenge   34,1   31,5
Average number of staff, units   227   217

Legislative acts