Interbank crediting (hereinafter-the IBC) is a conditional financing of the DBK of end borrowers through second-tier banks.

The purpose of the IBC is to finance projects of private entrepreneurship in priority sectors of the economy in a segment worth up to $ 30 million, creating new and expanding existing enterprises in the manufacturing industry, refinancing existing projects and replenishing working capital.

The mechanism of joint lending allows you to bring affordable financing to small and medium businesses, while sharing credit risks and the procedure for monitoring the implementation of projects with commercial banks.

Since January 2014, DBK has been lending to end borrowers through second-tier banks under the following Bank programs:

  1. The program of support of industrial-innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the financing of the JSC “Development Bank of Kazakhstan” of second-tier banks
  2. Program of crediting of Second-tier Banks of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC

Since December 2014, the DBK also provides financing through commercial banks of state programs to support businesses, approved by the Government of Kazakhstan in 2014-2016:

  1. Lending large businesses in the manufacturing industry (I and II tranche)
  2. Support of domestic automakers.

According to the terms of interbank financing, partner banks are prohibited from investing the allocated funds in financial instruments and/or transactions with them, as well as in the foreign exchange market for the purchase of foreign currency. DBK conducts regular monitoring of the development of credit resources and their intended use.

Lending projects in manufacturing industry (I and II tranches)

The lending conditions for end borrowers approved by the Government Resolution No. 1276 of December 05, 2014 (1 tranche) and No. 124 of March 11, 2015 (2 tranches) are as follows:

Target group large business entities implementing projects in the manufacturing industry
 Nominal interest rate not more than 6% per annum
 Credit period up to 10 years
 Loan currency tenge
Grace period for payment of principal debt 24 months
 Financing limit per borrower up to 5 billion tenge (with the exception of food industry projects where there is no limit)

List of 12 partner banks approved by the decision of the State Commission for economic modernization:

  • JSC "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan"
  • JSC "Nurbank"
  • DB JSC "Sberbank of Russia"
  • JSC "Bank RBK"
  • JSC "Forte Bank"
  • JSC "Kazinvestbank"
  • JSC "ATF Bank
  • JSC "Jýsan Bank"
  • JSC "Bank CenterCredit"
  • JSC "AsiaCreditBank"


I. Support of domestic automakers

The funds of the National Fund and the Republican budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan are allocated to support domestic automakers through conditional financing of second-tier banks (hereinafter - STB) for lending to individuals - buyers of Kazakhstan-made passenger cars.

The total funding limit is 26 billion tenge from the national Fund and 8 billion tenge from the National budget. 

Second-tier banks conduct an examination of the solvency of end borrowers and decide on the issuance of loans. The queue for issuing loans to individuals is conducted by second-tier banks.

If the second-tier banks have free funds for issuing loans within the program, the second-tier banks send information to the Development Bank on the approved applications of individuals. The Development Bank checks the received applications for compliance with the program conditions (maximum vehicle cost, loan period, nominal interest rate) and within 3 working days confirms the possibility of second-tier banks to write-off funds from a special account of the National Bank of Kazakhstan.

Conditions of the program of preferential car loans:

Cost of 1 car not more than 15 million tenge
Credit period not more than 7 years
Loan currency tenge
Nominal interest rate up to 4%
 (annual effective rate (including
 the cost of insurance and clearance
 to guarantee vehicles) must not exceed

List of automakers participating in the Program:

  • LLP "Saryarkaavtoprom»

1 Chevrolet Aveo Hyundai Tucson
2 Chevrolet Captiva Hyundai Elantra
3 Chevrolet Tracker Hyundai Sonata
4 KIA Ceed Hyundai Santa Fe
5 KIA Cerato Hyundai i-30
6 KIA Optima Hyundai Grandeur
7 KIA Picanto Hyundai Genesis
8 KIA Rio JAC S3
9 KIA Sorento JAC S5
10 KIA Soul JAC J5
11 KIA Sportage JAC М5
12 LADA 21214 Peugeot 301
13 Škoda Octavia Peugeot 508
14 Škoda Rapid Peugeot 3008
15 Škoda Superb Chevrolet Niva
16 LADA 4*4 21310 (5 дверная) Hyundai Creta
17 LADA Granta Hyundai Accent
18 LADA Kalina Ravon Nexia R3
19 LADA XRay
20 LADA Vesta
21 LADA Largus
22 Skoda Kodiaq
23 KIA Stinger  
24 УАЗ 220695-04  
25 УАЗ Patriot 3163  
26 УАЗ Hunter 315195  
27 УАЗ 390995  
28 УАЗ 374195-05  

The list of banks participating in financing domestic automakers:

Bank Limit within the NF RK,
thousand tenge
A limit within RB RK,
thousand tenge
A limit within NB RK,
thousand tenge
JSC "Eurasian Bank» 7 310 000 1 875 000
SB JSC "Sberbank of Russia» 6 318 541 1 875 000 7 500 000
JSC "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan» 5 300 000 1 875 000 4 000 000
JSC "Bank CenterCredit» 3 830 000 1 875 000
JSC " Forte Bank» 1 641 459 -
JSC "ATF Bank» 1 600 000 -
JSC "Bank VTB" (Kazakhstan) - 500,000 3 000 000
TOTAL 26 000 000 8 000 000 14 500 000

The program is designed for 20 years and is based on the "revolving" loans : at the expense of funds received from the repayment of the principal by individuals who have received a loan, banks will issue new loans for the purchase of cars.

II. Support of domestic exporters

Funds of the national Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan are allocated to support domestic exporters through direct lending and leasing financing of projects in the manufacturing industry. The total funding limit is 35 billion tenge in 2015 and 15 billion in 2016.

Conditions of the program of support of domestic exporters:

Term of crediting / leasing up to 20 years
Nominal interest rate not more than 6% per annum
Currency of crediting / leasing tenge or other currency depending on the terms of the transaction
Provision for loan/lease In accordance with the requirements of JSC "DBK" and/or "DBK-Leasing»

Support for the production of passenger cars

Funds of the national Fund of Kazakhstan are allocated to support Kazakhstan's manufacturers of passenger cars. JSC "BRK "provides JSC "NC "KTZ "or a subsidiary of JSC "NC "KTZ "that meets the requirements of the internal acts of JSC "BRK", a loan on the terms of intended use. The total funding limit is 5 billion tenge.

Conditions of the passenger cars production support program:

Nominal interest rate up to 2% per annum
Credit period up to 20 years
Grace period for payment of principal debt up to 120 months
crediting currency tenge