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Development Bank of Kazakhstan specializes in the financing and development of medium and large businesses - these are large-scale infrastructure and industrial facilities in Kazakhstan, which form the domestic non-resource potential and raise the country to a qualitatively new level.

We provide medium and long-term loans for investment projects and export operations, loans for current activities, intermediate and mezzanine financing, syndicated financing, financing of leasing transactions, provision of guarantees, participation in capital and interbank financing.

We finance projects in the processing sector and infrastructure, including projects from scratch - greenfield, as well as export operations and / or leasing transactions.

Bank projects are focused on the creation and development of:

  • infrastructure facilities (energy, transport, telecommunications);
  • manufacturing industries (metallurgy, chemistry, petrochemistry, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, etc.);
  • facilities in the services sector (on a commercial basis): tourist, environmental, medical, educational, sports and recreational, hotel;
  • facilities in the field of food and beverage production;
  • agricultural production, including production and / or purchase, transportation of raw materials, its processing and marketing of finished products in the framework of an investment project;
  • export of Kazakhstan products, works and services.