Industrial Development Fund JSC

Industrial Development Fund JSC, a subsidiary leasing company has been created in 2005 in order to get effect from a deeper specialization of activities at the industry and regional level through bringing the areas associated or related with the main activities into separate subdivisions and subsidiaries. The Industrial Development Fund activities are aimed to provide leasing financing for investment projects in processing industry, production and transport infrastructure.

The Industrial Development Fund JSC services are developed for medium and large business, the leasing amount should be at least 1.5 bln KZT, leasing period is up to 20 years, the remuneration rate is attractive for domestic enterprises and the company takes issues of procuring equipment, supplies and customs clearance on itself.

Selecting investment projects to finance, Industrial Development Fund JSC, as well as the Development bank, prefers projects that form chains of technologically connected industries with a high level of value added tax as well as promising projects making the Kazakh producers to enter global markets.

Industrial Development Fund JSC is an operator and participant in a number of government programs in the provision of financial leasing.

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DBK Capital Structure Fund B.V.

DBK Capital Structure Fund B.V. through participation in the creation of a private equity fund, provides financing services to business entities through the acquisition of a stake in DBK / Industrial Development Fund's projects

The main criteria for selecting projects are, but are not limited to:

  • Economically attractive projects with a lack of collateral, which does not allow borrowing in the required amount;
  • Economically attractive projects that need a long grace period, due to the long period of construction, commissioning, access to planned financial indicators;
  • Economically attractive projects with a need for mezzanine financing / financing through the issuance of new shares (or stakes) to improve the debt load indicators.

Terms of financing:

  • The minimum amount of investments is 300 mln tenge (KZT);
  • The maximum amount of Investments is 1,5 billion tenge (KZT);
  • The acquired share in the Investing Company shall be less than the share of a large shareholder of this company and shall not exceed 49% of the authorized capital of the Investing Company.