Industrial Development Fund JSC

Industrial Development Fund JSC is a financial institution whose activities are aimed at supporting domestic enterprises and fostering the development of the processing industry through the financing of projects focused on:

  • Creating new job opportunities;
  • Increasing the production of export-oriented products;
  • Attracting external and internal investments into the country's economy.

The Fund's services cater to SMEs and to large businesses.

The financing conditions for projects in the manufacturing industry include:

  • Funding amount ranging from 80 million to 20 billion tenge (from 50 million tenge for the textile industry);
  • Lease terms ranging from 3 to 20 years (up to 10 years for the textile industry).

In addition, the Fund offers preferential financing conditions for its other Programs focused on the development of the transport and infrastructure sectors.

Detailed information about the activities of Industrial Development Fund JSC can be obtained on the website

DBK Capital Structure Fund B.V.

DBK Capital Structure Fund B.V. through participation in the creation of a private equity fund, provides financing services to business entities through the acquisition of a stake in DBK / Industrial Development Fund's projects

The main criteria for selecting projects are, but are not limited to:

  • Economically attractive projects with a lack of collateral, which does not allow borrowing in the required amount;
  • Economically attractive projects that need a long grace period, due to the long period of construction, commissioning, access to planned financial indicators;
  • Economically attractive projects with a need for mezzanine financing / financing through the issuance of new shares (or stakes) to improve the debt load indicators.

Terms of financing:

  • The minimum amount of investments is 300 mln tenge;
  • The maximum amount of Investments is 1,5 billion tenge;
  • The acquired share in the Investing Company shall be less than the share of a large shareholder of this company and shall not exceed 49% of the authorized capital of the Investing Company.