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A new analytical portal about foreign trade survey of the country launched in Kazakhstan

In order to improve the efficiency of Kazakhstan's foreign trade activities, Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (a subsidiary of Baiterek Holding, hereinafter -DBK, the Bank) has developed and launched a new tool to analyze statistical foreign trade information.

The interactive portal allows you to quickly get information about trade flows of Kazakhstan and its regions in the context of trading partners, commodity positions (by categories and redistribution), both in monetary value and in physical volumes. The resource is distinguished by its high flexibility in terms of a cross-cutting analysis of statistical foreign trade information, as well as automatic uploading and data structuring into the portal from official sources.


The analytical portal is powered by Microsoft Power BI. The Development Bank hired a specialist with relevant programming skills and experience in big data analysis and machine learning in order to build a system for identifying promising industries and product niches for investment.   

In the future, it is planned to expand the portal's functionality and connect the international trade statistics database, which will allow to get information about imports and exports of various products to different countries around the world. And importantly for the Bank, information about Kazakhstan's key trade partners in non-resource economy will be available. This will allow a rational assessment of demand and trade prospects for certain groups of Kazakhstani products outside the country.

 “This portal makes it possible to identify necessary niches in the economy where potential can be built. For example, if the import of certain products in Kazakhstan grows annually, it makes sense to think about the need to produce this product yourself. The situation with exports is the same. We are not stopping there, we will connect other databases, which will expand functions of the portal and consider the interests of foreign investors in our market. If an entrepreneur goes to this portal, he will see what import/export allows to determine prospects of the domestic market for goods supply, development dynamics of one or another industry in each region. The portal is actively used by our partner banks, and Russian, Turkish, Pakistani colleagues, etc.”, - mentioned Abay Sarkulov, Chairman of the Management Board of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC.

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Accessible and convenient tool to analyze statistical foreign trade information of Kazakhstan and regions even now allows entrepreneurs to determine development prospects of the domestic market for certain goods supply, dynamics of a particular industry through the prism of foreign trade activities.

The task of the resource is to provide general public, including business community, government bodies, participants in foreign trade activities, industry experts and other interested parties, with free up-to-date statistical information about foreign trade in Kazakhstan and its regions.

“There is a huge demand in the market for information about the physical volumes of foreign trade, including the demand for foreign trade analysis, using the general classifier of economic activities (GCEA). In the current rapidly changing economic environment, also due to the coronavirus pandemic, the importance, usefulness and relevance of the portal for business communities is only growing. Therefore, we are confident that our tool will be in demand among the target audience”, - said Rakhimzhan Satayev, Managing Director of DBK.

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The analytical portal is available in three languages at the Bank's official website. Statistical data are updated automatically as official trade statistics are updated by Committee on Statistics of the Ministry of National Economy of RK and State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of RK.

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