Maximizing corporate values: DBK presented an updated code of business ethics


DBK's Code of Business Conduct is the main document that reflects the standards of conduct adopted by the Bank, based on mission and values, guaranteeing honest and fair treatment of employees, customers, partners, as well as compliance with legislation and internal regulations. As before, the main value of the Bank remains self-realization, health and safety of employees. DBK is committed to providing a healthy and competitive working environment so that employees can perform at their best. The rapid spread of coronavirus in 2020 is proof of this, as the Bank's team was one of the first to switch to a safe, remote method of work.

As a state development institution, DBK makes a significant contribution to the development and diversification of the national economy. That is why patriotism of employees is included in the list of key values of the organization. Carrying out the mission of financing projects significant for the country, the Bank's team feel its involvement in creating a better future for the next generations of compatriots, which motivates employees to increase productivity and efficiency in their work.

According to the updated code, the Bank encourages responsible behavior of its employees, which implies adherence to the principles of frugality, minimization of resources spent in the course of work, as well as adherence to the principles of a green economy. The impact of the Bank's activities on the environment and society is reflected in the updated strategy of the Bank until 2023, where to the principles of sustainable development also given close attention.

"Development Bank, like other large organizations, understands its social responsibility and therefore seeks to reduce excess resource consumption and minimize negative environmental impact through the introduction of energy efficient technologies, transition to a paper free format of work through the introduction of an electronic document management system," emphasized the head of HR Department of DBK Zamira Nishanova.

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The selected values, innovation and efficiency, as reflected in Code of Business Conduct of DBK, indicate that the Bank motivates employees to use new approaches, innovative solutions, and also allows them to take deliberate risks in their daily work. In the opinion of the Bank's management, DBK is open to changes, because both its success and competitiveness largely depend on the organization's innovation policy.

“In modern economic conditions, special attention should be paid to the issue of building effective model of corporate governance, because the adherence of each employee to the accepted norms of business ethics leads to the creation of a positive corporate culture of the company, growth of its reputation in the market and high quality of services provided,” said Ombudsman of DBK Anvar Saidenov.


According to him, initially the institution of the ombudsman in DBK was created to strengthen the internal control system in order to ensure that employees and officials of the Bank comply with the requirements and provisions of the code. However, now this area is actively developing in the Bank. With external changes and new trends in the development of corporate culture, the Bank's internal regulations are supplemented and refined. So, great interest on the part of employees during the meeting with the Ombudsman was caused by changes related to the rules of conduct in social networks, the introduction of risk culture.

Let us remind you that for any questions regarding cases of corruption offenses, fraud, theft of property of the Bank and its customers, as well as other criminal acts committed or planned to be committed, you can contact the Compliance Service by filling out the early response form on the corporate website of the Bank

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