Over the year, the export of lamb from Kazakhstan has halved

Kapital.kz found out to which countries meat is exported

According to Kapital.kz, in 2020 compared to 2019, the export of lamb decreased by half, specifically in 2019 lamb was exported from our country in the amount of $ 12.5 million, last year only $ 5.6 million. The top 3 consumers include the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Uzbekistan and Russia. Products worth more than $ 5.5 million were supplied to these countries, which is 97.1% of the exported lamb. Lamb is also exported to Iran, Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Oman. Such conclusions can be drawn on the basis of the data of the analytical portal of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, which accumulates information from the Bureau of National Statistics of the AIDC of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the foreign trade activities of the country and its regions.

In 2020, the export of lamb was provided by Aktobe, Pavlodar, Zhambyl, Turkestan and West Kazakhstan regions. Fresh and chilled meat were exported mainly from Zhambyl and Turkestan regions.

Pork export volume remained unchanged. In 2020, as in 2019, such products worth $ 1.4 million were supplied from Kazakhstan to other countries. In 2020, pork supplies from our country were carried out to Armenia (worth more than $ 1.1 million) and Russia ($ 0.3 million). In 2019, these countries were also Kazakhstan's partners in the export of pork. Over the past two years, the Aktobe region has been the main supplier of pork abroad.

Beef exports increased

Unlike lamb and pork, beef exports from Kazakhstan increased by 34.8% over the year. If in 2019 meat was exported from Kazakhstan in the amount of $ 23.3 million, in 2020 - more than $ 31.4 million. Uzbekistan, Russia and China were the top 3 countries for the export of beef, where Kazakhstani producers supplied products worth more than $ 30.4 million - this is 97% of the beef exported from the country. Belarus and Kyrgyzstan are among the top countries in terms of meat supplies from Kazakhstan. Top-3 regions of Kazakhstan that provide beef export: Turkestan, Akmola and Aktobe regions.


As for the horse meat, no exports were recorded in 2019. And in 2020, horse meat was exported to foreign markets for a total of just over 100 thousand dollars. Last year, Russia became the main consumer of horse meat from Kazakhstan.

Where to get the information?

Аналитический портал.jpg

All the above data are published on the analytical portal "Review of Foreign Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan", which was developed by the specialists of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan. The information on the portal was generated from the website of the Bureau of National Statistics of the AIDC of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Now, in one place, you can get more detailed and summarized information on foreign trade turnover: operational data on exports and imports, which regions provide export flows of certain products and to which countries. This may be of interest to Kazakhstani enterprises, which during a pandemic are forced to look for the new sales markets or new niches for development and growth points. For example, in the section "Export" - "Export by region" you can select a certain type of product, and see on the interactive map in what volume from this area products are exported and the share of this region in the total volume of exports. The information can also be useful for investors: they can understand in which region a particular direction is developed through the analysis of imports. 111.png

The category "Trade partners" (available in the sections "Export" and "Import") contains goods with a certain TN VED code at the 6-digit level. Here you can see an interactive graph showing the dynamics of exports or imports of the selected product over the past 8 years. Thus, it is possible to trace how the volume of supplies of goods with the main trading partners of Kazakhstan or non-CIS countries has changed. Similar dynamics can be seen in the regional context - by selecting a specific region of Kazakhstan from the list. This information will help business and investors analyze which country is in demand for a particular product rising or falling.

According to professor of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Serik Dzhumabaev, DBK’s analytical portal makes it possible to use open data for everyone. “The portal is a tool that allows you to implement the principle of data openness. Firstly, all analytical information is provided free of charge, 24/7. Secondly, there is no need of special programs to download files, the data is visualized on the screen in the form of information panels. In addition, all the information on the portal is correct, since they are downloaded from publications on the portals of the Bureau of National Statistics and the State Revenue Committee, meaning that all the figures are reliable,” the source said.

Professor Dzhumabaev emphasizes that the portal contains high-quality data. With their help, you can quickly analyze information from various angles, sections and even dynamics. “In order to analyze information, I don’t need to download each file separately and compare the numbers with each other. This process would be especially difficult and time-consuming if it’s necessary to monitor indicators for 5-10 years. While with the help of DBK’s portal, cross-cutting analytics is visualized, on the basis of which it’s possible to make management decisions, forecasts,” highlighted Serik Dzhumabaev.

The professor said that he recommends using the portal to his doctoral students and undergraduates. “The issue of import substitution stands out sharply in Kazakhstan nowadays. Therefore, I am sure that the portal’s data will be useful to those entrepreneurs who plan to enter new markets and thus for them it’s necessary to study the data on imports and exports for certain goods. So, with the help of information provided on the portal, businesses can study the country's internal reserves of import substitution for specific goods,” said Serik Dzhumabaev.

Recently, new sections were added to the portal: "Index of economic complexity by regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and "Exporters of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

The Economic Complexity Index (ECI) is used to determine the degree of diversification of the export basket of regions or countries. Regions with a wide range of manufacturing know-how using sophisticated technologies can produce a wider variety of sophisticated products. The higher the ECI value of the region, the higher the likelihood of the development of production of relatively complex goods in the region.

The Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) believes that the foreign trade portal developed by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan is a convenient and simple interactive tool. “If there is a need to quickly analyze Kazakhstan’s foreign trade operations in various sections (by regions, commodity groups, trading partners, in dynamics), then this resource is a top priority. The portal’s major advantage is that it significantly saves time on collecting and processing statistics,” comments Taras Tsukarev, the head of the EDB Centre for Integration Studies.

The section "Index of Economic Complexity by Regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan" provides for two functions. Firstly, it is possible to analyze the regions of Kazakhstan according to the ECI index by years in dynamics since 2013. With the help of this information, it is possible to understand in which region it is worth placing more emphasis on the development of technologies, diversification of the economy, and exports. Secondly, it is possible to analyze regions by goods that have a global competitive advantage (with an RCA index> 1).

Another section that has recently appeared on the site is "Exporters of the Republic of Kazakhstan". The section was developed on the basis of data provided by the Bureau of National Statistics of the AIDC of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Here, firstly, there is a function of searching for exporters of the country by type of activity and region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The portal displays information on the name of the exporter, the size of the company, what goods it exports abroad. At the same time, the product category and the degree of its redistribution are indicated. Secondly, through the portal it will be possible to find exporters according to the TN VED product code.

The Ranking.kz group of companies emphasizes that DBK’s analytical portal is easy to use. “The advantage of this resource is its data visualization and consolidation. In addition, it presents the calculated data on dynamics. With its help one can fully familiarize himself/herself with the situation on foreign trade in Kazakhstan. The information on the portal can be useful for business representatives, students and in general for Kazakhstanis, ”said Saadin Dursunov, a leading analyst of the Ranking.kz Group of Companies.

According to the representatives of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, it’s planned to expand the functionality of the portal and connect the base of international trade statistics in the nearest future. It will provide information on the import and export of various products to different countries of the world.

The analytical portal in three languages is posted on the official website of DBK. The statistical data on it are updated automatically as the official statistics on trade of the Bureau of National Statistics of the AIDC of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan are updated.

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