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DBK allocates 100 billion tenge to support export-oriented projects in manufacturing industry

Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (hereinafter – Development Bank, DBK), a subsidiary of NUH Baiterek JSC will allocate 100 billion tenge to finance domestic enterprises with export potential.

Development Bank launches programs with preferential financing rates up to 8% per annum to increase the export of Kazakhstani products.

The funds are intended to support the export of goods of intermediary and high-grade processing, that is, manufacturing products with a high added value. The minimum loan amount is 1 billion tenge, which can be used for working capital, that is, to purchase raw materials and goods, as well as to pay for the current expenses related to the production of exported products. The loan term is from 1 to 3 years with the possibility of extending financing or re-participating in the programs.

«The focus will be on medium-sized enterprises that are planning or just starting to work in foreign markets. We will provide affordable funds to the business and the participants of the programs will be set obligations, for example, on the increase in wages of employees, on the level of localization of production and export revenue. This way we will be able to support not only the manufacturing enterprises, but also the domestic suppliers of products as well as related small and medium–sized businesses," Nurlan Baibazarov, Chairman of the Management Board of DBK comments.

The implementation of programs to support domestic exporters will increase the volume of exported manufacturing products, preserve and increase jobs in the industry sector, increase tax revenues to the state budget.

               Development Bank informs to apply for participation in the programs is possible through the official website or addressing Customer Service Directorate’s contacts listed on the website.

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