Head of Holding met with team of DBK

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On March 3, Kanat Sharlapayev, Chairman of the Management Board of NUH Baiterek JSC held a meeting with the top management and heads of the structural divisions of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC. The meeting began with the report of Nurlan Baibazarov, the Chairman of the Board of the Bank on the main results of work for 2022. Last year, DBK financed 30 projects in the manufacturing industry and infrastructure as well as supported 23 pre-export operations. The total amount of support amounted to 358.6 billion tenge. Also, 7 projects were put into operation, where more than 1.1 thousand new permanent jobs were created. Transformation was an important area of the Bank's work in 2022 due to which the deadlines for reviewing applications for financing were shortened, and increased openness for the public of the data on the supported projects. Kanat Sharlapayev, in turn, pointed out the Bank faces the tasks of implementing important projects for the country and their consideration should be approached primarily from economic point of view, namely practical results for the development of the economy. These include the export as well as the transport and logistics potential of Kazakhstan, ensuring food security and further development of the manufacturing industry and infrastructure. In this regard, the head of the Holding expressed the opinion the team of DBK has a high level of expertise to implement such large-scale tasks. At the end of the meeting, Kanat Sharlapayev answered questions from DBK employees about promising areas for the implementation of investment projects, the Bank's participation in the renewal of the country's utilities, as well as the situation with the attraction of funding in the capital markets.

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