DBK joined the GIP initiative - “Principles of Green Investments” “One Belt, One Road”

On March 18-19, a working visit of representatives of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (a subsidiary of Baiterek NMH JSC, hereinafter referred to as DBK, Bank) to Beijing took place. During the visit, DBK officially joined the list of signatories of the Green Investment Principles for Belt and Road (hereinafter referred to as GIP) in Central Asia, which unites 48 global institutions from 17 countries. Representatives of DBK also held meetings with partners from Chinese financial institutions and companies.


«The Bank continues to expand international partnerships to attract new investments to finance projects in the manufacturing industry and infrastructure of Kazakhstan. The Bank’s cooperation with Chinese institutions has a successful experience and has already brought benefits to the economy of our country in the form of new projects in metallurgy, oil refining and other industries. Joining the Green Investment Principles will facilitate the financing of “green” projects, which today is one of the important priorities for the country,” said Marat Elibaev, Chairman of the Board of DBK.

Co-chairman of the Green Investment Principles Ma Jun thanked the DBK for its interest and adherence to the principles of green investment, emphasizing that membership in the GIP provides access to capital for the implementation of green projects, human development activities, including trainings and seminars, as well as tools and case studies for implementing GIP principles.

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DBK representatives held meetings with the management of the State Development Bank of China, Bank of China, Export-Import Bank of China (Exim Bank), China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure), as well as the leading company in the field of wind energy China Power International Holding Ltd, within the framework of which the current state of cooperation and prospects for supporting projects in the manufacturing industry and infrastructure of Kazakhstan were discussed. Let us remind you that DBK also financed projects with the participation of Exim Bank and Sinosure.

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