Digital transformation: DBK has successfully implemented the BPM system and online customer service

The coronavirus pandemic exposed the existing challenges for business transformation. Realizing that the digital economy is a key factor in minimizing financial, personnel, and reputation losses, DBK began large-scale work to automate and digitalize external and internal processes long before the pandemic. It was the timely digital transformation that allowed the Bank to be one of the first large companies to successfully switch to 100% remote operation within one day, at this time 90% of employees continue to work remotely.


In the context of quarantine restrictions, work on digitalization of activities was accelerated and today Development Bank is able to provide the required level of lending, and maintain its leading position in the market. This year, the implementation of the first stage of the automated business process management system is being completed, which allowed the Bank to provide services online and eliminate the need for the borrower's personal presence in the lending process.

First, the Bank carried out a complete reengineering of the business processes of its core activities. Since May 2019, 100% of the Bank's employees have been using an electronic digital signature (EDS) to conduct office work. Secondly, the main business processes were revised and transferred from the Lotus electronic document management system and paper regulatory procedures to a new BPM platform with automated business processes. This made it possible to develop and implement an external interface for communication with clients - CRM (Client Relation Management). For the convenience of potential clients of the Bank, the CRM system digitized the process of accepting documents, signing electronic agreements, as well as notifications at each stage of the application consideration.

“The Bank has approved IT strategy, the goal is to modernize the entire IT infrastructure and switch to paperless document flow. This year we have successfully implemented automated management systems for the Bank's internal and external activities - BPM and CRM. This allowed us to achieve optimization and acceleration of our business processes, operational activities without loss of quality and to eradicate bureaucratic moments associated with paper document flow, external letters, memos, orders, internal opinions, decisions of authorized bodies, as well as some types of reporting ", - said the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board Duman Aubakirov.

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How does it work? CRM system is available on the Bank's website, where current and potential clients can log in using EDS, apply for a loan, track the status of their application, and much more. Documents received by CRM are automatically transferred to BPM (Business Process Management) for processing. After submitting the documents, the client has the opportunity to track the status of consideration of his application and carry out the entire transaction process through CRM. In addition to clients in the personal account, it is planned to develop functionality for external appraisers, which will allow providing the necessary data for the consideration and accreditation of companies as an external appraiser/consultant for projects. It will also be possible to conclude employment contracts and internship agreements with candidates for a job or internship.

“In a test mode, we logged in our personal account on the Bank's website and applied for online financing for a project of one of our companies - ERG Recycling. We managed to safely upload the requested documents in our personal account, sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement about the project, and submit a business proposal. We believe that the Bank's transition to the automation of business processes is very timely and comfortable both for the Bank and for potential and existing customers. This eliminates bureaucratic issues and the need for a personal presence for clients who are located in different regions of Kazakhstan and cannot always physically be in Nur-Sultan city. It’s especially relevant now, during the COVID-19 pandemic when most of the office employees have switched to the remote mode of work,” said Daniyar Rakhmatullayev, Deputy Chairman of the Eurasian Finance Group.

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BPM system allows the Bank's employees to work from anywhere in the world while having at hand all the tools necessary for work and access to all information systems of the Bank through secure communication channels. Now, BPM has completed the internal processes of the Bank in the following areas: investment projects, export operations, calculation of provisions for portfolios, interbank lending, financing of subsidiaries and human resource management, and compliance.

It is worth emphasizing that the CRM system is a proprietary development of the employees of the Information Technology Department (DIT) of DBK and is also supported by specialists from the Information Systems Development Department. As for the BPM system, it is built on SimBase platform of the Latvian company Simurg. Throughout the year, the bank's employees have been optimizing and developing business processes in accordance with international standards, and to this day they are continuously testing the BPM system.

“For all of us, of course, the pandemic has become a serious test, but it also served as a driver for increasing the digital literacy of employees, increasing the pace of digitalization of both services provided by the Bank and internal processes. The priorities of automation were partially changed due to the new time constraints and the ban on personal contact with colleagues and clients. We plan to integrate with information systems of state bodies, subsidiaries, and within the holding as a whole, as well as develop paperless document flow and online reporting,” said Sandugash Kenzhebayeva, the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of DBK.

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By 2021, the goal is to automate auxiliary processes (back office) and further develop the CRM system. With the support of relevant ministries and after making amendments to legislative acts, DBK is ready for a full transition to electronic document management and work in the "paper-free" format.

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