Construction project of the year: Saryarka gas pipeline


What territory does the constructed part of the Saryarka gas pipeline run through?

The new gas pipeline is laid along the Kyzylorda-Zhezkazgan-Karaganda-Temirtau-Nur-Sultan route. The project is implemented by Astana Gas KMG JSC. According to the information on the company's website, the start point of the route is a tie-in to the existing Beineu-Shymkent gas pipeline, 988 km beyond Karaozek CS. The route of the gas pipeline is northbound on the territory of Syrdarya and Shieli districts of Kyzylorda region along the Kyzylorda-Pavlodar-Uspenka-border of the Russian Federation highway towards Zhezkazgan. Further to the east, in the pipeline right-of-way with the Pavlodar-Shymkent MP, from the village of Borsengir, the gas pipeline runs to the city of Temirtau on a section from 430 to 896 km. From Temirtau - along the M-36 Border of the Russian Federation - Almaty motor road of republican subordinance - northwards to the city of Nur-Sultan.

On the territory of Arshaly district of Akmola region, the projected gas pipeline runs from 943.069 km following the territory of Karaganda region. Along the gas pipeline, small lakes and reservoirs are located on the right and left sides of the axis. The general direction of the highway is northwest along the M-36 motor road of republican subordinance (Border of R.F. (to Yekaterinburg) - Almaty, through Kustanay, Astana, Karaganda) and the Petropavlovsk-Karaganda-Shu railway.

Saryarka Investors

Long-term loans at low-interest rates for large industrial and infrastructure projects in Kazakhstan are provided by international financial organizations and the national development institution, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK, a subsidiary of Baiterek Holding). On July 3 of this year, DBK and the Eurasian Development Bank signed an agreement on the opening of joint co-financing of the initial construction phase of the Saryarka gas pipeline.

What was the financing scheme? EDB, as the leader of the syndicate, acquired bonds of Astana Gas KMG JSC project company in the amount of 102 billion tenge for a period of 10 years. The sources of funding were EDB funds in the amount of 51 billion tenge and the borrowing from DBK for a similar amount, which is 51 billion tenge.

This is a major infrastructure project, which was implemented in a very short time. Its financing was carried out jointly with the Eurasian Development Bank in the form of a bonded loan, which is a new tool for the Bank. The completion of the initial construction phase of the main gas pipeline is important for such a fast-growing city as Nur Sultan, where housing, schools, kindergartens and other social facilities are actively being built, while the entire infrastructure is heated by fossil fuels. It is expected that next year the entire heating season will be provided by blue-sky fuel coming to the capital through the Saryarka gas pipeline,"

said Abay Sarkulov, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan.


The total cost of construction of the first stage of the main gas pipeline is 267.3 billion tenge. In addition to EDB and DBK money in the amount of 102 billion tenge, the funds of Samruk-Kazyna JSC (which includes Astana Gas KMG JSC) participate in the project.

How will the capital and suburbs be connected to gas?

The completion of the initial construction phase of the main gas pipeline provided residents of the capital and nearby villages with access to blue-sky fuel. As a result, it is planned to provide 13.5 thousand houses with gas. The City Akimat will deal with the issue. According to the plans, the first phase of the project involves the gas supply to the gas distribution net to CHP-1,2,3, Koktal-1,2, Zheleznodorozhnyi village, South-East district (the right and left ones). The second stage of the project - Michurino residential areas, International area, Kuigenzhar (start-up facility 1-2), Telman (start-up facility 3), Prigirodnyi area, Garden Village, Family Village (start-up facility 4). The third stage to be gasified will be the residential areas as follows: Ilyinka (start-up facility 1-2), Shubar (start-up facility 3), Ondiris (start-up facility 4). After commissioning, the gas pipeline will be leased to Intergas Central Asia JSC (ICA), which will transport gas.

Which regions will get access to blue-sky fuel thanks to the construction of Saryarka main gas pipeline?

The construction of the line section of the gas pipeline along the Kyzylorda-Nur-Sultan route with a length of more than 1000 km is, as you know, the first stage of the project for the construction of the Saryarka gas pipeline.


At the second stage, it is planned to lay a gas pipeline with a length of 276 km along the Astana-Kokshetau route. This will require 48.2 billion tenge. The third stage is the construction of 177 km of the Kokshetau-Petropavlovsk gas pipeline with a total cost of 18.9 billion tenge. The fourth stage-Zhezkazgan CS and Temirtau CS. The completion of all stages of construction is scheduled for 2032 (information taken from the official website of Astana Gas KMG JSC -

Socio-economic and environmental effects

The new main pipeline will provide gas to 171 settlements. Due to the use of gas instead of fossil fuels during the heating season, it is planned to significantly improve the environmental condition of Nur Sultan. In general, it is planned to reduce emissions by 34.6 thousand tons/year.

More than 190 new jobs will be created during the operation of the pipeline.

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