Electricity production and consumption increased in Kazakhstan

For the widest part, the volume of all generation in the country traditionally fell on Pavlodar, Karaganda and East Kazakhstan regions: 63.2%.

In Pavlodar region, 39.1% of electricity from the Republic of Kazakhstan was produced: 27.2 billion kWh - 3.2% less than a year earlier. The Karaganda region accounted for 15.2% of electricity production: 10.6 billion kWh - plus 5.1% per year. The last three leaders, the East Kazakhstan region, accounted for 8.9% of all electricity generation: 6.2 billion kWh - 3.2% less than last year.

According to KEGOC JSC, today 155 power plants are producing electricity in Kazakhstan, the total installed capacity of power plants in Kazakhstan is 22,936.6 MW, and the available capacity is 19,329.7 MW.

National Development Institute JSC Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK, a subsidiary of Baiterek Holding), responsible for investments in key sectors of the country, providing loans to medium and long-term projects in the field of industrial infrastructure and non-resource sectors of the economy, also contributes to development of the energy sector and reduction of energy deficit in Kazakhstan. Since 2003, the Bank has allocated more than 320 billion tenge to projects in the energy sector.

With the financial participation of DBK, power plants were built and modernized in most regions of Kazakhstan, including stations on alternative energy sources.

One of the latest large-scale projects was the reconstruction and modernization of the Aksu power plant, a credit line in the amount of $ 360 million for a period of eight years was opened by the Development Bank for JSC Eurasian Energy Corporation (part of the Eurasian Group, ERG) with a total project cost of $ 463.2 mln. the power plant accounts for 17% of the electricity generation in Kazakhstan.

In 2009, DBK financed the construction of a gas turbine power plant at the Akshabulak field in the Kyzylorda region, which increased electricity production from 87 MW to 124 MW. DBK provided 70% ($ 90 million) of the total project cost of $ 129 million.

Modernization and expansion of Karaganda CHP-3, including the construction of a new power unit with an installed capacity of at least 110 MW, thermal capacity of at least 180 Gcal / hour was also carried out with the financial support of DBK, the project was implemented within the framework of the State Program for Forced Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010 - 2014.

In early 2005, in order to eliminate the electricity deficit in the southern regions of Kazakhstan and the city of Almaty, the construction of the Moinak HPP with a capacity of 300 MW on the Charyn River was resumed. The construction of the hydroelectric power station was also financed at the expense of the DBK in the amount of $ 135.4 million.

Also, in the development of "green energy" with financing from DBK, the construction of the Turgusun hydroelectric power station in the East Kazakhstan region is underway, the following were built and commissioned: a solar power plant Nurgisa with a capacity of 100 MW near Kapshagai (LLP "Eneverse Kunkuat"), a wind farm "Astana EXPO- 2017 ”with a capacity of 50 MW LLP“ Tsatek Green Energy ”and a photovoltaic power plant“ Zhylga ”with a capacity of 20 MW in the Turkestan region, LLP "EcoProTech-Astana".

When financing "green projects" DBK actively uses the model of project financing (where the main source of payment of borrowed funds are cash flows from the project), providing favorable conditions for project financing: the minimum loan amount is 7 billion tenge, the maximum loan term is up to 20 years, the amount of the company's own participation is at least 30% of the cost of the investment project according to the estimate. Funding is provided in tenge, which is very important for a project whose cash flows are also denominated in tenge.

More information about the Bank's services can be found on the website https://www.kdb.kz/services/investment-projects/
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