ARBZ expanded its assortment line of structural shapes

Aktobe Rail and Section Works expanded the assortment line of structural shapes. Now the production has started the production of H-beam steel hot-rolled № 30. New products meet the high requirements of international standards and are manufactured in accordance with GOST 8239-89, GOST 535-2005. All necessary quality control tests were carried out in our own accredited laboratory.


According to the representatives of the enterprise, the preparation for the development of the production of a new product began in 2020, and in February of this year, after the trial rolling with the receipt of products that meet all the requirements of international standards, the process was completely finished. The release of a new type of assortment makes it possible to fully meet the demand of the domestic market, and also makes it possible to increase the export potential of the republic in general, and ARBZ LLP in particular. Today, the quality of the products of the Aktobe Rail and Section Works is confirmed by international consumers from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Belarus, Afghanistan, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey.

“We are glad that in parallel with the production of rails for high-speed lines, we managed to master the assortment of structural shapes and obtain all the quality indicators for the profile geometry that meet the requirements for grade 1 product. Now we are carrying out work to consolidate the achieved results, we are rolling in the entire volume of workpieces available in the warehouse, ” emphasized Valeryi Obilets, General Director of ARBZ LLP.


It is noted that the production of H-beam steel hot-rolled # 30 in Kazakhstan has not been carried out before. This type of metal product is widely used in modern large-panel and block, civil and industrial construction, for example, for the construction of columnar metal structures, various kinds of bridge structures, overpasses, overhead tracks and supports.

“The field of application for H-beams is vast, from construction to heavy engineering, railroad car construction, and even design in building decoration. They are also irreplaceable in the construction of bridges, ground crossings and other objects where there are increased loads from vertical lateral impact. Such beams help to significantly reduce construction costs, ”said Valeryi Obilets, General Director of ARBZ LLP.

ARBZ LLP is not going to stop at what has been achieved, the plant is aimed at further improving the quality and expanding the range of products. Now the company's management is negotiating with international partners to conclude appropriate agreements for the supply of a new product.

Let us remind you that Aktobe Rail and Section Works is the only enterprise for the production of differentiated heat-strengthened rails up to 120 meters long of high quality and medium-sized shaped rolled stock in Kazakhstan. The plant was built from scratch in 2016 thanks to government support represented by Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (DBK, a subsidiary of Baiterek Holding), which allocated a loan in the amount of USD 284.69 million for a period of 20 years. The total cost of the project was USD 406.7 million. DBK financed the construction of the plant under the State Program of Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019.

“ARBZ, which forms a significant part of non-resource exports of Aktobe region, is a unique enterprise not only for the western region of the country, but for the entire republic. It is gratifying that despite the difficult economic situation around the world, when a number of enterprises are experiencing turbulence due to the coronavirus crisis, our Partners manage to expand the range of manufactured goods, while ensuring high international quality of products, ”said Chairman of the Management Board of DBK Abay Sarkulov.

The current design capacity of the plant is 430 thousand tons of finished products, including 200 thousand tons of rail products and 230 thousand tons of structural shapes. The quality of products that meet international standards is ensured by first-class specialists, high-tech equipment and a rolling mill with the world name Primetals Technologies Italy S.r.l. (Siemens-VAI) "with a high degree of process automation. According to the representatives of the plant, in many respects the products of the plant are not inferior to those of the leading Japanese and European manufacturers, since the production has unique hardening technologies, and all stages of the technological process are under strict control.

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