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“How DBK project changed my life”

People are the main value of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan. Behind each implemented project are people and their destinies. Dedicated professionals work selflessly in the country’s largest industrial plants and are building the future of Kazakhstan. Currently, more than 30,000 jobs have been created in the financed enterprises of DBK.

Today within the rubric “How DBK project changed my life” we offer to get acquainted with the employees, namely with the beautiful half of the super modern factory Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan, which has recently occupied the top niche in the domestic automotive industry.

About 400 people work at the Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan enterprise, and with full capacity, the figure will increase to 700, and with a multiplicative effect, the indicator will reach more than a thousand people. World experience has shown that engineering, with its multiplier effect on the development of related industries, increases the employment of the population and thus ensures the country’s competitiveness. At the plant calculated that one job creates up to 15 jobs in related industries (service, sales, logistics, insurance, banking sector, marketing, auto components production), and the cost of one place is 40.1 million tenge.

Зоя Васильева.jpg
Zoya Vasilyeva, shop welder 
Mother of four children. From a young age, she dreamed of becoming a trucker. And today, at Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan, fate has linked it to a childhood dream - cars. She is directly involved in the very initial process of collecting six models of modern cars. Zoya shared that she continues to improve her professional skills at the enterprise, and that she is especially fascinated by the entire workflow, the atmosphere and the energy of the plant.

Гульнар Ахментаева.jpg
Gulnara Akhmentayeva, workshop master 
Mother of two children. A graduate of KazNRTU named after Kanysh Satpayev, in a specialty of chemical-technologist. Since childhood, Gulnara has set a goal for herself – to work at a factory. After graduation, she continued her work at various factories, successfully fulfilling her goal. And last year she received invitations from the new Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan plant, and accepted it with pleasure. Gulnara shares that the plant has become a second family for her, where she always wants to return, and that she especially values stability, a friendly team and caring management of the plant.

Елена Волкова.jpg
Elena Volkova, polisher painter 
Elena continues the path chosen by her grandparents and her parents. As a child, she watched the labor dynasty work at the service station, and decided to devote herself to the family business. It has two formations – “mechanic for the repair and maintenance of cars” and “mechanic-technician”. Elena considers work in the enterprise to be creative, and plans to get a higher education. To do this, the plant creates all the conditions, and contributes to the fulfillment of the girl's dream to improve her skills in the automobile department.

Дина Ахметова.jpg
Dina Akhmetova, locksmith 
Dina, being an artist-designer, and having a degree from the Kazakhstan University of Railways and many years of experience as a flight attendant on the “Tulpar-Talgo” train, ventured to discover a new profession in the automotive industry. She was attracted by the novelty and great opening prospects of this industry, as well as the opportunity to get a new education in mechanical engineering. Dina shared that during the work process she does not notice how quickly time passes, and in the future she sets a goal for herself – to assemble and disassemble cars independently.

Юлия Мельник.jpg
Julia Melnik, locksmith
As a child, she moved to Almaty with her parents from the city of Lutsk, Ukraine. She got to the factory by chance. Yulia, getting a job, knew absolutely nothing about the automotive industry, but despite this, thanks to her work and aspiration, she rose to the level of a locksmith, and continues to improve.

Аружан Сарина.jpg
Arujan Sarina, locksmith
Like others, Aruzhan was attracted to the global perspective of the industry, and that Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan employees are upgrading their skills in the field of modern automobile technology not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad. For her it is a great opportunity to develop professionally, to replenish her hard skills with new skills and to be a professional in her favorite business. At the Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan plant, Arujan decided to permanently tie her fate to the engineering industry.

P.S. The Development Bank of Kazakhstan has issued a loan for three credit lines totaling 51 billion tenge to the Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan enterprise, which inspires hundreds of Kazakhstanis for development and prospects. The lines were opened for the construction of a plant for the production of Hyundai passenger cars and the development of the export potential of the enterprise under two state programs of the SPIID for 2015-2019 and "Nurly Zhol". As mentioned earlier, each successfully implemented DBK project is backed by a thousand people and their interesting stories. For more details follow

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