Conference of IBС SCO “Digital Transformation” was held in Nur-Sultan

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The exchange of experience in the era of rapid development of information technologies and digital transformation of all sectors of the economy became the main purpose of the SCO IBC representatives meeting. Among other things, on the sidelines of the conference special attention was paid to sustainable development, introduction of responsible financing standards and digital solutions to reduce ESG risks.

The event was attended by the top management of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan and representatives of “DAMU” Entrepreneurship Development Fund” JSC, Export insurance company “KazakhExport” JSC, as well as development institutions of the SCO IBC participants and key financial organizations of the association, in particular the India infrastructure finance company, China Development Bank, RSK Bank, OJSC, State Development Corporation "VEB.RF", Uzbekistan National Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs, State Savings Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan “Amonatbonk”, Habib Bank Limited (Islamic Republic of Pakistan), Savings Bank Belarusbank, OJSC, Eurasian Development Bank, Development Bank of Mongolia.

Абай Саркулов

Development of the digital economy is impossible without an appropriate ecosystem. And we are proud to lay the foundation for such an ecosystem together with our clients and partners. I am sure that the conference outlined the prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation for the members of the SCO IBC at the practical level”, emphasized the Chairman of the Management Board of DBK, Abay Sarkulov.

The parties shared the results of IT strategies implementation and optimization of business processes based on electronic technologies, and also told how innovative digital solutions help financial organizations and institutions to improve the conditions for conducting financial activities, stimulate economic growth and increase the competitiveness of the member states of the association. Thus, DBK representatives presented their own development of the analytical portal “Review of Foreign Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, and colleagues from the State Development Corporation “VEB.RF” spoke about the platform for business “Develop.RF” (“Развивай.рф”).

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of DBK Sandugash Kenzhebayeva, the company has improved its risk management and internal control system. The qualification requirements and remuneration assessment system of the bank's employees have been revised. In her opinion, it is impossible to implement the transformation by external experts alone, all employees and even their partners should participate in this.

Кенжебаева Сандугаш

"When implementing programs, the organization will be divided into supporters and opponents, as well as third-party observers. We take this as a given, since the speed of adaptation to changes is individual for each person. After all, the role of the organization's leaders is the key aspect, they are those must initiate changes and motivate the team. What is success? It’s about Values. Strategy. People. Processes. And then there's Technology. It is in this sequence that we determine the factors of successful transformations," Sandugash Kenzhebayeva added.

Socially responsible business conduct in the era of digital transformation became another important topic of the conference. According to the participants of the meeting, currently, interest in green investments is growing rapidly, while technologies are becoming more accessible. As a result, the volume of investments in sustainable development for 2018-2020 amounted to $ 35.3 trillion, showing a 15% increase in 2 years.

“In accordance with the ESG concept, we are successfully working in 3 areas: environmental aspects, including environmental impact assessment of projects that we finance; support for projects using “clean technologies” and the “Green Office” format adopted in our Bank; social aspects - assessment of the social and economic impact of our projects and formation of a favorable internal environment in the Bank; corporate governance, including the work of the Board of Directors and management, risk management, internal control, disclosure of financial and non-financial information. To date, we have already achieved significant results: thus, according to the UN classification, we can say that our activities contribute to the achievement of 12 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, we still have a lot of work to do, considering the predicted negative consequences of climate change: physical and transit, and a number of opportunities related to responsible investment are opening up,” – said Assylkhan Aitzhanov, Adviser to the Chairman of the DBK Board.

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To date, the Bank has introduced and is actively using the Development Index which allows classifying financed projects by the level of their social and economic impact. In addition, the Bank plans to issue green bonds by the end of this year.

Speaking about the ESG agenda, representatives of the “VEB.RF” State Development Corporation in their report noted the growing role of national development institutions in this matter, since in the future they can become a resource capable of launching the process of financing large energy transition projects. According to them, now “VEB.RF” is launching 9 major processes at once, such as development of ESG requirements for clients and the release of financial instruments for sustainable development.

Сергей Сторчак

“It turns out that in a little over two years, DBK has made a big leap in the field of digitalizing its business processes, from hiring staff to working with clients to provide services,” – Sergey Storchak, a senior banker of the “VEB.RF” State Development Corporation shared his impressions.

It should be noted that today’s conference organized by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan was held on the eve of the next meeting of the Council of Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) of the SCO member states which is being held in Kazakhstan this year.

Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (DBK) is a national development institute for modernization and development of non-resource and infrastructure sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan established in 2001. Main areas of activity: development of production infrastructure and manufacturing industry, assistance and attraction of external and internal investments in the country’s economy. (,

The SCO Interbank Consortium (SCO IBC) was established to organize a mechanism for financing and banking services for investment projects supported by the governments of the SCO member states.

The basis for formation of the SCO Interbank Consortium, as a public platform for the SCO, was the signing an Agreement on interbank cooperation (association) within the SCO (SCO IBC) on October 26, 2005 in Moscow by representatives of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, State Development Bank of China JSC, Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs State Corporation (Vnesheconombank) (Russia), Amonatbank State Savings Bank (Tajikistan), National Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs (Uzbekistan). On June 14, 2006, RSK Bank (Kyrgyzstan) joined the Agreement, in June 2018, Khabib Bank Limited became a member of the IBA (Pakistan, since 2015 had the status of a partner bank), in June 2019, the Indian Infrastructure Finance Company (IIFCL) joined the Agreement.

The partner banks of the SCO IBC are the Eurasian Development Bank (2008), Savings Bank Belarusbank (2012), Development Bank of Mongolia (2016).

The supreme body of the SCO IBC is the meeting of the SCO IBC Council which is held on the eve of the meeting of the SCO Heads of State Council in the country presiding over the SCO.

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