Part of SberBank Kazakhstan loans goes to Halyk Bank

Commenting on the transfer of part of the loan portfolio to Halyk Bank, Eldar Tenizbayev, CEO of SB Sberbank JSC noted that the loan assignment is a generally accepted practice and a common procedure in the banking sector.

"Over its long history, SberBank has faced various challenges, but has always successfully overcome them, putting the interests of its customers at the forefront. We always strive to fulfill our obligations both to the customers and the state. SberBank Kazakhstan has returned all public money, including those issued under preferential lending programs. Assignment of a part of the loan portfolio is a common practice in the financial sector. For the customers it is just a painless transition to service in another bank. For our partner bank, this is an opportunity to increase the loan portfolio. For our side, this transaction brings additional liquidity necessary to meet the needs of our customers.", - the CEO of SberBank Kazakhstan noted.

"Halyk Bank, as a backbone financial institution for the economy of Kazakhstan, primarily acts in the interests of the Kazakhstan society. By purchasing part of the loan portfolio of individuals and thereby providing liquidity to SB Sberbank JSC, Halyk Bank supported the stability of the banking sector in Kazakhstan. Outstanding loans of individuals have been transferred to Halyk Bank, and it is worth noting that this is a performing portfolio, with no arrears or overdue. For our part, we have provided all necessary measures for a seamless transition from Sberbank Kazakhstan to Halyk. Convenience and comfort of our customers have always been, are and will be a priority for us", - Umut Shayakhmetova, the CEO of Halyk Bank underlined.

Ruslan Iskakov, the CEO of Kazakhstan Development Bank highlighted that KDB acts as a guarantor of return of funds disbursed under the Program of preferential car lending to the state: "Development Bank, being the operator of the Program, is fully responsible for repayment of the funds received as part of the transaction to the state, regardless of the solvency of the second-tier bank participating in the program throughout duration of the program. Currently, due to imposition of sanctions on second-tier banks that are subsidiaries of Russian banks and participating in the Car Lending Program, KDB has undertaken prompt efforts to transfer outstanding loans under the Program to other second-tier banks".

Now the process of migration of loans to individuals has already been launched and is proceeding smoothly and imperceptibly for customers, which, ultimately, is the primary task of partner banks. 


The terms of the outstanding loans of Sberbank Kazakhstan customers, i.e.: loan debt, maturity, monthly repayment amount and interest rate will remain unchanged, the assignment of the loan will not entail any additional costs for the customer. Also, the assignment of loan will not affect the borrower's credit history provided that they do not violate monthly payments on principal and accrued interest. The date of monthly repayment according to the schedule remains unchanged.

Thus, nothing changes for customers whose loans have been transferred to Halyk Bank. 

If the borrower of SberBank Kazakhstan has not been a customer of Halyk Bank, for the purpose of loan repayment, please download the Halyk Homebank mobile application, register, after which Halyk Bonus Digital Digital card will be immediately opened without plastic (if necessary, you can order plastic card through the Homebank application with targeted delivery). The amount of the monthly payment will be automatically debited from Halyk Bank card/account on the payment date according to the repayment schedule, so the client needs to regularly replenish his/her card or current account. The balance can be replenished free of charge in the Bank's outlets (24 branches and 565 sales channels), ATM with Cash-in option (1,994 ATMs around Kazakhstan), bank payment terminals (970 devices around Kazakhstan), Kassa24, QIWI payment terminals (49,000 devices around Kazakhstan) or through card replenishment or transfer from other second-tier bank (except for Sberbank Kazakhstan and VTB) to a digital bank card (in this case, the fee of another second-tier bank for the transfer will be charged).

If the customer has deposited money to make the monthly payment into the account with SB Sberbank JSC by and including 11 April 2022, then the monthly payment is considered to have been made. If repayment date falls on the day after 11 April, the borrower shall make payment at Halyk Bank outlets or replenish the card in one of the above ways. If the customer has replenished his/her account with SB Sberbank JSC to make the monthly payment under the loan transferred, he/she should withdraw funds from the account at Sberbank Kazakhstan outlet and make repayment at Halyk Bank. Afterwards, the customer continues to follow the usual procedure - replenish the card account or current account every month, and the payments will be automatically deducted according to the repayment schedule until the loan is repaid in full.

From 13 April 2022, customers whose loans were transferred to Halyk Bank can check the status of their loan by IIN on the bank's website.

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