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IDF launches new industry support program

A subsidiary of Development Bank of Kazakhstan, Industrial Development Fund announces the launch of the Program for financing manufacturing projects for small and medium-sized businesses. In the cards we tell about the main points of the new program.

What is the program for?

It is aimed at the implementation of investment projects through the provision of affordable financing for SMEs.

The implementation of the program provides the possibility to upgrade the fixed assets at small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry, as well as create new and retain existing jobs, and provide tax revenues to the budget.

What funding is provided for the program?

The total amount of program’s financing is 50 billion tenge. This sum will be used for leasing and lending for businesses in the manufacturing industry.

What are the program conditions?

The main conditions are:

– Financing term – up to 10 years;

– Interest rate – 3% per annum;

– Amount of financing – from 80 million to 3 billion tenge;

– Own participation of the project initiator – not less than 15% of the project cost.

Which enterprises are in the priority?

While considering projects, the focus will be on import substitution and the possibility to export the products, that is, on supporting enterprises which products will cover the demand on the domestic market and will increase the export potential of Kazakhstan.

How to get detailed information?

Issues on detailed information on the program as well as issues related to the preparation of applications for funding can be addressed to Industrial Development Fund by calling 8(7172) 79-63-15 and 8 (7172) 79-63-11.

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