Makinsk poultry farm began its work in Akmola region

The solemn launch ceremony took place on September 28, 2007, near the administrative center of the above-mentioned district, the city of Makinsk, located two hundred kilometers from Astana. Subsidiary organizations of the Baiterek Holding - Development Bank of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as the Bank, DBK) and Kazyna Capital Management (KCM), provided the remaining 50% of the required investments in the Project at a cost of KZT 33.5 billion, the rest of the volume was initiated by the Project JSC "Aitas KZ". The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has invested in the Project by participating in the capital of JSC Aitas KZ.

The total cost of construction of the Makinsk poultry farm, including the second stage, is KZT 45.6 billion.

Financing of the Project by DBK and KCM was opened in 2017 as part of the Baiterek Holding's "Leaders of Competitiveness - National Champions" program (according to the "100 concrete steps"): The Bank extended a loan of up to 10 years in the amount of KZT 16.1 bn. The KCM invested US $ 9 million by entering into capital through its subsidiary structure of JSC Baiterek Venture Fund. The provided financing is the largest investment in the history of the poultry industry in Kazakhstan.

The first stage of the Makinsk poultry farm includes nine production sites, including: incubator; four broilers for twelve hen houses each; a poultry processing plant; compost-line; an auxiliary site (a workshop for the production of flooring); workshop for the production of feed. By the present time the incubator has started functioning, where the first laying of eggs took place on September 6th. The remaining sites of the first stage of the farm will be phased in by the end of this year.

After the commissioning of the second stage with a similar capacity (25 000 tons of poultry meat per year), planned in the second half of 2020, the Makinsk poultry farm will become the largest in the region of Central Asia in terms of chicken production, with a processing capacity of up to 9,000 broilers per hour. The main product that the farm will produce is chilled broiler meat. The capacity of the enterprise after commissioning of the second stage will allow satisfying up to 15% of the domestic market demand in poultry meat (in 2017, according to the Union of Poultry Farmers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the consumption of chicken meat in the country was 341,000 tons), which, in turn, will reduce the share of imports of products to 32.6% from the current 50.4%.

The Makinsk poultry farm is oriented to the markets of Akmola, North Kazakhstan, Kostanay and Karaganda regions, primarily to the cities of Astana and Karaganda, where it is planned to sell up to 60% of the chicken meat produced.

The total area of all buildings that will be located on the territory of the poultry farm will be 227,366.88 m2. In order to comply with the requirements of biosafety and environmental friendliness of production, the company will use high-tech energy-saving equipment at the stages of incubation, slaughter and production of meat and bone meal.

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