DBK allocates KZT 20 billion to support the Kazakhstani automotive industry within the framework of the National Bank Program


Under the new Program, the first tranche in the amount of KZT 14.5 billion was allocated to the following commercial banks:
- Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (KZT 4 billion);
- SB of Sberbank JSC (KZT 7.5 billion);
- SB VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) (KZT 3 billion).

The remaining part in the amount of 5.5 billion tenge will be disbursed by the banks until the end of this year.

DBK, as an operator, regularly monitors the disbursement of funds by these banks.

The credit conditions of the new Program are similar to the criteria of the current Program of preferential automobile lending:
- nominal interest rate-no more than 4% per annum,
- loan term-no more than 7 years;
- loan currency-tenge;
- the cost of one unit of passenger vehicles-no more than 15 million tenge.

Low-cost car loans are available to individuals - the residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan - for the purchase of cars of domestic production.

On the above conditions, customers are presented with 46 models of cars manufactured by Asia Auto JSC and SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP with a range of such brands as Kia, Chevrolet, Skoda, Hyundai, LADA, UAZ, JAC, Peugeot, Ravon.


Preferential car loans have been in great demand since the first day of the launch of the Program of automobile lending in 2015 and still are in high demand. Taking into account all tranches and revolving disbursement, since 2015, 15.9 thousand Kazakhstanis have received preferential car loans totaling 71.7 billion tenge. The new Program will provide an opportunity for even more Kazakhstanis to purchase new cars of domestic assembly on favorable terms. This is beneficial for both consumers and automakers,"

said Dastan Akhmetov, Managing Director of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan.
"Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC has been participating in the implementation of the State Program of preferential lending for motor vehicles of domestic assembly since the beginning of its implementation," says Tatyana Arzymbetova, Deputy Director of the regional branch of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC in Nur-Sultan city. "Over the years, thanks to cooperation with domestic development institutions, more than 3.5 thousand clients were funded under various tranches in the amount exceeding 14.6 billion tenge. Thus, the program participants contribute to the support of domestic automakers, including AsiaAvto JSC and SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP.


To recall, DBK is also the operator of the Program of preferential lending for motor vehicles, launched in 2015 and designed for 20 years. Four tranches of funds totaling 42 billion tenge were allocated for the implementation of the Program: in 2015-2016 - the first and second tranches from the National Fund in the total amount of 26 billion tenge, in 2018-2019-the third and fourth tranches from the Republican budget in the total amount of 16 billion tenge. Lending under the Program has a revolving character: payments from the repayment of existing loans are directed to new car loans.

During the period of the state program, the production of passenger cars increased by 2 times compared to 2015 to 29.8 thousand cars for incomplete 2019 - says Anar Makasheva, the Vice-President of AKAB, - Thanks to the new program, and with the support of the authorized bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is planned to stimulate the implementation of more than 2800 cars. The program is in demand; it will allow the population to purchase new cars on preferential terms. Considering the load that the auto industry provides to other industries, the program carries an additional social effect in the form of jobs and tax deductions.


In total, for the period of the Program of preferential automobile lending, taking into account the revolving disbursement of funds by commercial banks-the Program participants 15.9 thousand cars were implemented for a total amount of 71.7 billion tenge.

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