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A new plant for the production of methyl tert-butyl ether will appear in Shymkent

Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (a subsidiary of National Managing Holding Baiterek JSC, hereinafter - the Bank, DBK) opened a credit line to "Shymkent chemical company" LLP (hereinafter - the Company, ShChC) for the construction of a new plant for the production of methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE) in Shymkent (hereinafter – the Project). The Project cost is 13.7 billion tenge, DBK provides a loan of KZT 9 billion for up to 10 years, the remaining part of KZT 4.7 billion will be invested by the Company at its own expense. The project is implemented within the framework of the State program of industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The financing provided by the Bank will be used for the design, construction and installation of the plant, as well as the purchase of equipment.

The goal of the project is to develop the petrochemical industry in Kazakhstan by increasing the depth of processing of petrochemical raw materials (butane-butylene fraction obtained during processing at Shymkent oil refinery (hereinafter - SHOR) as part of its modernization. Further processing of the butane-butylene fraction at the ShChC plant will allow to organize the production of methyl-tert butyl ether, which will be used by the SHOR for the production of high-octane gasoline of environmental classes K4 and K5.

The annual capacity of the new enterprise is 57 thousand tons of MTBE. Completion of construction and installation works of the plant is scheduled for mid-2020. After the Project is implemented, about 152 new jobs will be created at the plant.


The project meets the Bank's mandate and is one of the key ones in the development of the country's petrochemical industry, since the products of Shymkent chemical company will allow producing high-quality oil products in Kazakhstan, thereby ensuring the energy security of our country. The implementation of this project will also meet the needs of the domestic market in MTBE, in particular SHOR,

- said Duman Aubakirov, Deputy Chairman of the DBK Board.
MTBE is one of the main oxygen-containing high-octane components used in the production of unleaded motor gasoline. It’s used as an additive to motor fuels, increasing the octane number of gasoline and contributing to a more complete combustion of the fuel. The annual demand of the Kazakhstan market for octane-boosting additives is 80 thousand tons. To date, there is only one MTBE production facility with a capacity of 20 thousand tons per year in Kazakhstan.

Our Project was developed on the basis of the world-famous Etherification technology of French company AXENS, which is one of the international leaders in the production of MTBE,

- shared Manat Bibasov, General Director of Shymkent chemical company LLP.

Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (DBK) is a national development Institute for the modernization and development of non-resource and infrastructure sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan, established in 2001. Main activity: development of production infrastructure and manufacturing industry, promotion and attraction of foreign and domestic investments in the country's economy. DBK is one of the largest investment operators of the state program of forced industrial and innovative development (FIID SP). (, DBK is a part of the National Managing Holding Baiterek JSC.

Shymkent chemical company LLP is a project company established in mid-2016, part of the ALMEX holding group, and is owned by ALMEX Project LLP and Delta Oil LLP. The core industry is the manufacturing industry, in particular the company is engaged in the production of petroleum products.

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